Smart Guard House Panel
Achieve security and friendliness at the community frontline and at the same time with i-Neighbour Smart Panel for Security Module
Smart Card Reader
Integrate with i-Neighbour Security Guard Module as an option to read the visitors ID cards for smooth visitation and error free system.
Smart Siren Kit
Residents need to push the Panic Button on the i-Neighbour App to trigger the alarm system at the guardhouse.
Smart Door
Integrated with i-Neighbour Smart Community for common area’s user access control, facility booking’s access control and visitor access control.
Smart Lift
For residents to access to their own floor through i-Neighbour App and to permit an access to other floor upon approval and for visitors to access to the designated floor only.
Smart Lock
Suitable for individual homes and public facility areas to achieve better automation and to facilitate facility booking through i-Neighbour App.
Smart Reader
Protection to the main access of the block; full access authorization for authorized residents and limited access authorization for permitted visitors.
Smart Barrier
Automate the opening of barrier gate for residents’ registered cars at the entrance and exit by using i-Neighbour mobile app.
Smart Turnstile
Seamlessly Integrated with i-Neighbour App for better entrance control solution
Smart AutoGate
Open the gate of your own unit using a smartphone, can be integrated with i-Neighbour App
Smart Surveillance
Cloud Surveillance for individual homes and public areas, can be integrated with i-Neighbour App.
Smart Alarm *
Suitable for individual homes and can be connected to the Siren Kit at the guardhouse.

* Coming soon