A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program by TimeTec


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1. What is i-Neighbour CSR Grant?

i-Neighbour CSR Grant is a sponsorship of a total of RM13,300.00 per community for i-Neighbour smart community system's first-year subscription and a guardhouse tablet set, offered to a strong 600 qualified communities for a total sponsorship of RM8 million.

2. Will all the successful communities receive an equal total of RM13,300.00 per grant?

Not necessarily. The RM13,300.00 amount is split into two parts, the first is RM10,000.00 worth of i-Neighbour smart community solution's first-year subscription sponsored by TimeTec Cloud Sdn Bhd, and the second is RM3,300.00 for a guardhouse tablet set sponsored by the event's main sponsor United Overseas Bank (UOB) with a different set of terms and conditions to be fulfilled. For example, if a neigbourhood couldn't fulfill the requirements set forth by the UOB but it is qualified for the first part, they will only receive a sponsorship of RM10,000.00 maximum for i-Neighbour Smart Community System's first-year subscription, without the free tablet set. Additionally, the amount of i-Neighbour Smart Community System's first year subscription fee might differ based on the total household units and the package chosen. Hence, the final amounts vary but TimeTec offers a maximum of RM10,000 per community. Please note as well that if a community spends less than the grant's maximum total, TimeTec will not reimburse the balance in cash or in kind in any way.

3. Who can apply for i-Neighbour CSR Grant?

Any committee member of an active Joint Management Bodies (JMB), Management Corporation (MC) and Residents' Associations (RA) for both strata and non-strata titled, landed and high-rise residential communities in Malaysia are eligible to apply for this grant.

4. What are the requirements to be approved for i-Neighbour CSR Grant?

There are 3 major requirements that a neighbourhood or community needs to furnish for the application to be processed:
i. A neighbourhood must have an active JMB/MC/RA
ii. A support letter endorsed by JMB/MC/RA's Chairman
iii. The applicant must be one of the committee members of the JMB/MC/RA

5. Would the amount RM13,300 sufficient to cover the smart community system installation in a community?

Yes, based on our market experience, the Grant is definitely enough to cover the fundamentals of a smart community system. However, different communities may have different requirements for their living environment. Hence, i-Neighbour smart community system offers many other components for a community to cover a bigger scope, including cloud accounting system for property management, cloud patrol system for security guards, many more IoT hardware products for security and access control, i-environ for smart community environment and etc. You may refer to i-Neighbour's website at www.i-neighbour.com to understand more about our products and how they can benefit your neighbourhood holistically.

6. Can I apply the grant for my neighbourhood?

You are more than welcome to apply. Please make sure that the applicant must be a committee member of the JMB/MC/RA and that your application have a support letter from the Chairman. To apply, fill up the online form at the following link https://www.i-neighbour.com/csrapplicationform and click submit. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

7. Besides the core smart community system, i-Neighbour also contains other subsystems integrated to the core like i-Account for property accounting management to achieve a greater benefit. If the system we intend to subscribe would cost more than RM10,000.00, what would be the process? Would we be disqualified from this Grant?

A community is pleased to select any systems offered by TimeTec. However, the maximum total of the Grant will still maintain at RM10,000 and any additional cost must be borne by your community after the application has been approved.

8. When is the deadline of this grant application?

The application and submission of all the compulsory documents must be submitted to TimeTec by 31 December 2019.

9. How high are the chances of getting the i-Neighbour CSR Grant?

The chances are great when your neighbourhood fulfills the requirements stated in clauses 4 and 5. A quicker submission also will yield better result because our approval process is based on first come first serve basis.

10. My neighbourhood has already subscribed to i-Neighbour. Can I still apply for this grant?

Yes you can. Take this opportunity to upgrade your i-Neighbour System with other subsystems like i-Comm, i-Account, TimeTec TA, QR Master and etc.

11. My neighbourhood has already been using other brand of smart community system. Can we apply so we can change what we currently have?

Definitely. However, we encourage you to do a comparison between your current system and i-Neighbour to ensure that you are getting the best end of the bargain. Here are 10 reasons why neighbourhoods usually decide to replace their existing system for your reference. https://ineighbour.blogspot.com/2019/05/10-reasons-why-communities-ditch-their.html

12. Our community is existing EGIB / EGTB insurance programs customer, are we still eligible to apply for the sponsorship of the Guard Patrol Set by Etiqa?

Unfortunately only new customers of EGIB / EGTB are eligible to apply for the Guard Patrol Set by Etiqa. However, you may still have the chance to apply for sponsorship of guard house tablet by UOB Malaysia.

13. What happen after the first year? Are we bound by law to pay the subscription for the following years?

Like all other cloud solutions, the prices are based on subscription, i-Neighbour CSR Grant is good to cover the first year subscription. There is no agreement to abide a community to continue with the system; the community can opt to discontinue the system after one-year free usage, no attachment whatsoever.

14. If we don’t take any extra subsystems and IoT products, does it mean we pay zero cost to kickstart a smart community project?

Yes, you can implement a smart community project with zero investment cost except for a very minimum amount of implementation cost at RM1,000. This is because our partners and implementers have to carry out on-site training and local supports to serve your community. Therefore, this minimal cost including transportation is not covered under the CSR Program, and has to be paid by the community.

15. After one year of using the system and we found that our community couldn't afford to pay for the i-Neighbour subscription cost, does it mean we have to stop using i-Neighbour?

Not necessarily. The good thing is i-Neighbour also have many solutions that your community can tap on to reduce or offset the subscription fee, for example joining i-Ad or elevator ad space provider provided by Tiny Giant or our elevator ad partner, or you can take part in our referral program to earn community credit that will help you resolve your subscription payment problem.

16. Can I use the guardhouse tablet for other purposes?

You can't. The tablet couldn't and shouldn't be used for other purposes, it is an App locked for guardhouse to perform visitor management and it has been integrated with i-Neighbour resident App as a communication station between the residents and the guardhouse. The tablet is also served as an emergency receiving station when any residents triggers the Panic Button on their smartphone.

17. If after receiving the sponsorship for smart community system, my neighbourhood decided not to use it, can we keep the tablet and unlock the App for other purposes?

It is a definite no. Your neighbourhood has to activate and use the system after the training. If there are no activities shown on your system within three months, your neighbourhood has to return the tablet to us to be passed on to other neighbourhoods that really want to upgrade their system and benefit from this CSR Grant.

18. There are many smart community applications in the market and even though i-Neighbour CSR Program is appealing, and good for us to begin with, we are still worry whether we are making the right choice. Can you assure us on this issue?

It is common to feel uncertain and doubtful about a new system and/or a new technology. However, in making the right selection and decision, a neighbourhood should pay attention to criteria listed below:

i. Data Security - While PDPA is a crucial basic criterion a solution must adhere to, the compliance of it can be self-proclaimed because PDPA is more like ethical statements rather than a security fortress. To have foolproof on data security system, one has to produce ISO 27001 certification and third party penetration test, or for a more stringent standard, the EU's GDPA compliance. Fortunately, i-Neighbour has all of the above.

ii. Smart IoT devices capabilities - Most of the smart community systems are developed by software start up companies without the IoT devices integration and development capabilities. It is a common knowledge that smart community system without a full fledged of IoT hardware capabilities no longer be categorized as a smart community system. This is because the integration with IoT access control devices at the barrier gate, lobby doors, elevators, surveillance system even smart home devices has becoming the de facto in smart community system to bring better automation and security to a neighbourhood. And, i-Neighbour is ready with all of the above.

iii. Integration with accounting system - Naturally, a smart community system should have an accounting system component in it to benefit the whole neighbourhood. With this accounting system, unit owners can check their bills and balances, as well as pay up their maintenance fees easily. The system also must have the capacity to auto update the payment information and issue an official receipt automatically in real time. If a smart community system can't seamlessly integrate an accounting system into it, the system is far from complete, and it feels like you are losing an arm. Yes, i-Neighbour has i-Account to fill up this gap, whereas most of the smart community systems don't have property management accounting software, or in vice versa property management accounting software developers do not have the smart community system.

iv. Details in features & wide range of components - Not only that i-Neighbour has more features in its smart community App, the system also has better details in features, which makes i-Neighbour a better product. In terms of a wider range of components, besides an accounting software and IoT devices, we have a TimeTec Patrol System for security guards to monitor guards' KPI in real time, and TimeTec TA for management to monitor neighbourhood staffs' time and attendance in real time, i-Environ for environment monitoring purposes, i-Merchants for near field commerce, and i-Ad for neighbourhoods to monetize their ad spaces, and smart home devices for individual household to upgrade their home system to be integrated with i-Neighbour for greater benefits. For example, for a household that has a smart alarm system installed, it can be linked with a guardhouse tablet with siren system and guard patrol system. Therefore, when an emergency happens, help could be sent instantly. What's more, our system can even handle short stay requirements like Airbnb at both community and individual level with our smart locks and IoT devices combined.

v. System Level Agreements and Supports - As an international company that has 75% income from overseas, and has presence in 150 countries, our cloud solutions are bundled with a System Level Agreement that provides support and compensation guarantee, plus we provide 24/7 supports to our customers.

Shall you have any doubt or inquiry, you can send your question via WhatsApp or email to csr@i-neighbour.com.