i-Neighbour RM8 Million Community Grant 2019

Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions:
1. Applicants are deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions as soon as they apply for this grant.
2. This grant is open to active Joint Management Body (JMB), Management Corporation (MC) and Resident’s Association (RA) for both strata and non-strata title, landed or high-rise residential communities in Malaysia.
3. An applicant must be a committee member of a JMB, MC or an RA.
4. This grant is amounted to a total of RM8,000,000.00 (Eight Million Ringgit Malaysia) for a total of 600 residential communities.
5. One applicant can apply for a maximum of RM13,300.00 or less for one (1) community JMB/MC/RA. This grant cannot be transferred, returned or exchanged for cash.
6. One community can only apply ONCE for the i-Neighbour CSR Community Grant.
7. All applicants must complete the application form and submit to TimeTec before 11:59PM, 31st December 2019. An incomplete application form will not be processed. The information provided by the applicant must be correct, otherwise the organizer has the right to cancel the application. The date and time are subject to the receipt of the organizer's server. The application form can be obtained from this link: http://www.i-neighbour.com/csrapplicationform
8. Every application must attach a Confirmation Letter from JMB, MC or the RA, which endorses the decision to implement the i-Neighbour and TimeTec systems/products in a community. This Confirmation Letter must be authorized and signed by the Chairman of JMB, MC or the RA. The sample template of the letter is available in this link: https://bit.ly/2weA5em
9. Eligible for a possible sponsorship of one unit Guardhouse Tablet set complete with accessories worth RM3,300 and Guard Patrol set complete with NFC tags worth RM1,450 by our co-sponsors, upon their approval and with a separate terms & conditions determined by them.
9.1 Terms & Conditions of UOBM for community to qualify a sponsorship of one unit Guardhouse Tablet set complete with accessories worth RM3,300:
New UOBM Customers (Customers with no account and product holding with UOBM) Existing UOBM Customers (Customers with account or product holding with UOBM)
  • Must place RM50,000.00 of deposit to open an account (Business Current Account/Basic Current Account/BizCA+/Islamic Current Account) with UOBM.
  • Required to maintain *average balance of RM250,000.00 throughout 13 months with receipt of tablet as starting date.
  • Required to maintain *average balance of RM250,000.00 throughout 13 months with receipt of tablet as starting date.

  • *Average balance calculated by: (Month 1 + Month 2 + …. + Month 13) / 12 months
    The extra 1 month is added to provide customers with adequate lead time for balances.

    9.1.1 If community does not meet the average balance requirement in (9.1), UOBM has the right to debit the sum of RM1,500.00 from the community’s UOBM account.
    9.2 To be eligible for Guard Patrol Set complete with NFC tags worth RM1,450 sponsored by Etiqa, below conditions must be met by the JMB/MC/RA:
    New EGIB / EGTB Customers (Customers with no insurance with EGIB / EGTB) Existing EGIB / EGTB Customers (Customers with existing insurance programs with EGIB / EGTB)
    Required to insure the General Insurance/ Takaful programs for the next renewal year with Etiqa. The programs must include the following classes:
  • Fire & Perils
  • Miscellaneous
  • Not Entitled
  • 10. The Guardhouse Tablet and Guard Patrol set are furnished with a limited warranty of a one-year duration starting from the date of the delivery order.
    11. The Guardhouse Tablet and Guard Patrol set are solely to be used with i-Neighbour Smart Community System purpose and be placed at the guardhouse and the designated areas.
    12. If any of the CSR Grant beneficiary neighbourhoods decided not to use or to discontinue using i-Neighbour Smart Community System, they have to return the sponsored tablet and guard patrol set to TimeTec to be passed on to other interested neighbourhoods that want to benefit from the CSR Grant and upgrade their system so that our objectives to reach a larger community could be achieved.
    13. Any final decisions about this grant either approvals or rejections are made at our absolute discretion.
    14. This CSR Grant does not cover the implementation cost which involves on-site training plus local and remote supports from our local partners and implementers.
    15. The company reserves the right to add or change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
    16. The Terms & Conditions have been translated into Chinese and Malay languages. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese and Malay versions, the English version shall prevail.
    Before Application Submission:
    1. Visit i-Neighbour.com website or speak to our sales representative to understand i-Neighbour Smart Community products.
    2. Get a confirmation letter endorsed by the Chairman of JMB/MC/RA.
    3. Complete the form and attach all supporting documents in this link: http://www.i-neighbour.com/csrapplicationform
    4. TimeTec will process your application and revert to you in person within 2 working weeks from the date of your application submission.
    After A Successful Application:
    1. A community needs to pay the remaining balance to TimeTec.
    2. The implementation of the i-Neighbour and TimeTec system of choice will start and your community can start operating as a safer and smarter community.
    3. TimeTec reserves the right to request successful grant recipients for testimonies on i-Neighbour Smart Community System or the other systems installed at their neighbourhood.
    4. TimeTec reserves the right to request the CSR Grant beneficiary to place i-Neighbour banner/bunting at noticeable corners within the enclave or publish advertisement materials of i-Neighbour's co-sponsor(s) within their neighbourhood’s i-Neighbour App for a period of one year.
    For more information please refer to the i-Neighbour CSR Program's FAQ.
    Shall you have any doubt or inquiry, you can WhatsApp or email to csr@i-neighbour.com.