RM8 Million CSR Community Grant 2019

Deadline: 31 December 2019

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For communities in Malaysia only.
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1. Are you the chairman of the community?
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2. Why do you want to apply for i-Neighbour RM8 Million Community Grant?
I want to upgrade the security and community system of my neighbourhood.
I am not happy with the current security and community system that my neighbourhood is using.
The community has been looking for affordable security and community system and this grant comes in time.
3. How do you know about i-Neighbour RM8 Million Community Grant 2019?
TimeTec/i-Neighbour Resellers
Media Advertisement
TimeTec/i-Neighbour website or social media
Referred by another community
4. Is your community interested in placing Ezipod Laundry Locker in your neighbourhood?
5. Is your community interested in earning extra income by becoming i-AD Elevator Adspace Provider ?
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All i-Neighbour CSR Grant applicants (JMB/MC or RA) will receive a FREE copy of i-Neighbour Publication, "Smart Residential Communities - Principles, Practices & Practical Guidebook" whether the application is successful or otherwise.

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