New System Admin Role Configuration - QF Master
QF Master is one of i-Neighbour’s many access control systems that serves great convenience to the community. QF Master is a mobile app for Android smartphones that controls the INs and OUTs activities of each TimeTec BLE-2 that paired door via the Bluetooth connection. Residents and visitors can use either the QR Code or the Facial Recognition feature to access the relevant neighbourhood doors through QF Master.

In this latest update, we have included a new System Admin Role configuration for QF Master. The neighbourhood admin can choose to distribute or to grant another admin the right to set up the QF Master within the neighbourhood.

1. A sample of Admin Role Configuration with QF Master added into the list.

  Defect Report - Full Ticket Consolidation
i-Neighbour Defect Module has many informative reports to assist developers in better organising their defects between themselves and the house buyers. In order to better improve the experience for developers, we have added a new Report Type: Full Ticket Consolidation.

Developers can compile all the selected Ticket Details into one report using this feature.

1. A tickbox for Admin to select the information needed in this report generation.
2. Admin can add Recipients from the Admin Listing or choose to send it out as an email.
  i-Neighbour Mobile App Updates
E-Billing Integration with i-Account Receipt No.
i-Account is a cloud accounting system that simplifies property management accounting and streamlines it in no time at all for the benefit of a community. In this new enhancement, i-Neighbour has added the Receipt No. from i-Account into the E-Billing module in the mobile app for admin and residents to have easier access to the billing data.

A sample of mobile app UI regarding the payment details with Receipt No added from i-Account.
   1. A sample of Admin Closing Ticket using i-Neighbour Mobile App.
New Calling Feature - VoIP Call
The intercom function in i-Neighbour is one of the key features within the Visitor Management Module. Once the visitors have arrived at the premise, the security guards can call the respective Unit Owner to confirm the visitation via i-Vizit through the Global System for Mobile (GSM) Call.

In this latest enhancement, i-Neighbour has added a new type of Calling function, the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Call for security guards to call Unit Owner using over the Internet. The call will link between the i-Vizit app (guard) to i-Neighbor app (Unit Owner). At the same time, the Unit Owner can approve the Visitation of Visitors within the i-Neighbour mobile app to give the security guard a green light as a signal for registration.

1. A sample UI of i-Neighbour(Owner) receiving a call from i-Vizit(guard).
2. A sample i-Vizit UI after the approval from the Owner.
New Contact Page for VoIP Call
As the above feature highlighted the VoIP call, i-Neighbour has also added a new Contact Page that works with the VoIP Call. Unlike the GSM call which requires the Unit Owner to register phone numbers in order to allow the security guards to call, the VoIP call requires only the Unit Owner to add and activate the i-Neighbour account of relevant family members/friend. Residents will need to download and login to the i-Neighbour App in order to receive the VoIP call.

1. A sample of the Contact Page with VoIP enabled.
2. Unit Owner can enable/disable the registered members in their unit to receive the VoIP Call.
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