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New Features April 2023
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New Features
1. Implementation of Razer Pay in E-Billing
Razer Pay, the mobile payment service, is now integrated with iNeighbour. This integration enables users to make secure and convenient payments within the app using Razer Pay. This enhancement offers users an added level of flexibility and convenience for their financial transactions.
2. New setting to edit the payable amount in E-Billing
We have added an option for the management to enable or disable the ability to edit the payable amount in the E-billing section. Enabling this feature will allow the residents to change the payable amount, suitable if the management permits for partial payments. Disabling this feature, on the other hand, would mean that residents would have to pay the full amount owed at once, without the option to make partial payments. Having the option to enable or disable the ability to edit the payable amount gives management greater control over how payments are made and allows them to make decisions that best suit the needs of the complex and its residents.
3. Updated links for TOS, TOU & Privacy Policy
We have recently updated the link to our Terms of Use, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy documents. The Terms of Service and Terms of Use provide guidelines and rules that govern the usage of our company's products and services, while our Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, utilise, and safeguard user data. As we prioritise user privacy and compliance, we want to make sure our users are well-informed of any updates or changes to our policies and terms.
4. Feedback/Inquiry Enhancement

a. New filters in the Feedback/Inquiry listings

Feedback/Inquiry can now be sorted by Date, Case ID, Severity, Lot No & Days Taken. This new feature provides the management with an organised and streamlined view of their inquiries, which can be helpful in managing and resolving them efficiently. Sorting by Date can help prioritise newer inquiries, while sorting by Case ID can help quickly locate specific cases. Sorting by Severity can help address more urgent issues first, while sorting by Lot No can help group related inquiries together. Sorting by Days Taken can help identify inquiries that have been open for a long time and require immediate attention. Overall, this new feature can help improve the management of inquiries and enhance the efficiency of the system.
b. Display new Severity in the Feedback/Inquiry Ticket

In this latest release, we have made improvements to display the Severity of the Feedback/Inquiry. This update aims to provide accurate information, which can help users of the system to better understand the severity level of the Feedback/Inquiry they are dealing with. By providing a clear indication of the Severity level, users can prioritise their actions accordingly, ensuring that critical issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. Additionally, displaying the Severity level can help the system to better track and manage Feedback/Inquiries.
c. Include Severity status in the Total Feedback/Inquiry report

Improvements are also made in the Total Feedback/Inquiry report, where we have included the severity status in the report. This enhancement can help the management and users to better understand the severity level of all Feedback/Inquiries collectively. By including this information in the report, management can easily identify any high-severity issues that require immediate attention and allocate resources accordingly. Furthermore, including severity level in the Total Feedback/Inquiry report can help in tracking trends and patterns. It can help the management to identify any recurring issues that need to be addressed to improve the overall quality of the system.
d. Redesign the Feedback/Inquiry module with side navigation

We have redesigned the Feedback/Inquiry module with side navigation. This enhancement can help users to navigate easily on a single page, reducing the need for multiple clicks and page loads. By having the navigation on the side, users can easily access different sections of the Feedback/Inquiry page without having to scroll up and down, which can improve the overall user experience.
e. New setting for Admin to define common area locations

We have added a new setting for the management to define common area location in Feedback/Inquiry feature. For example, if a user reports an issue with the lighting in the lobby area, the management can quickly identify the location of the problem and take appropriate action to fix it. This can help reduce the time taken to resolve issues and improve the overall user experience. Furthermore, by having a dedicated setting to define common area locations, management can improve the accuracy of the reporting process, ensuring that issues are reported in the correct location, reducing confusion and minimising errors.
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Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at info@timeteccloud.com, we will update it as soon as possible.
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