A New Setting That Allows Master Tenant to Add Tenant
It is not a surprise that a house owner isn’t able to keep up with all the activities that are going on within a neighbourhood, especially when the unit had already been rented out. However, there are ways that could facilitate the management of the unit with the help of the Tenant.

In this latest release, we have added a setting for the Admin to decide whether the Master Tenants within the neighbourhood is able to add Tenant(s) into the respective unit. In this way, house owners can leave the responsibility of adding/removing residents to the Master Tenant.

   1. A sample for Admin to Enable/Disable Master Tenant to Add Tenant into the unit.
  Invoice Reminders Options
Collecting payment for pending invoices from residents has always been a hectic and tedious task for the neighbourhood management or admin. With i-Neighbour’s E-Billing module, admin can greatly benefit from our outstanding invoice reminder feature. Residents with any unpaid amount of invoice will be notified through our i-Neighbour notification as well as through the web.

In this latest enhancement, we have added more Auto-Reminder options for Admin to set up the number of times that the outstanding billing notification sends to the residents. The neighbourhood Admin can also select multiple or all options if needed.

    Added more auto-reminder options for the outstanding invoices.
  Allow Admin to Close Defect Ticket and Add Attachment
Defect Management is a useful module for developers to organise and manage their defect tickets for each and every house buyers. Upon defect rectification, developers can schedule a joint inspection with the house owner for ticket closing.

However, in this latest update, we have added a new setting to allow Admin to close a defect ticket for circumstances such as duplicate defect tickets submitted by house owners, irrelevant defect information submission, acknowledgement of rectification however without closing the defect ticket, etc. In addition, admin can also upload an attachment to support the closing of the ticket.

   A sample UI of Admin closing a defect ticket.
  i-Neighbour Mobile App Updates
Allow Admin to Close Ticket and Add Attachment
To improve the convenience for developers in managing the defect module, we have also added the Close Defect Ticket and Add Attachment feature for Admin in the Mobile App.

Similar to the Web Update, the admin can close a defect ticket through Mobile after the permission setting has been enabled in the Web.

   1. A sample of Admin Closing Ticket using i-Neighbour Mobile App.
New Dynamic Visitor Information Fields - Gender, Mobile and ID Type
Visitor Information act as an important role when identifying the person who is about to enter the neighbourhood. In order for a neighbourhood to ensure its safe environment, every visitor should always be registered upon their arrival. However, some neighbourhood may wish to record more types of visitor information for better security access control.

Favourably, in this latest enhancement, we have added more prefix visitor information fields to be enabled by the admin in order to acquire the desired visitor record. The new prefix visitor information includes Gender, Mobile and ID Type. Once the admin has chosen and enabled the prefix(s), the visitor is required to provide the information before checking into the neighbourhood. All the visitor information will be viewable by the Admin via the i-Neighbour Mobile App.

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