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November 2023
1. New Feature to export card details to Excel format and include Card No. in the search function.
Smart Device > Manage Access

Admin can now export residence card details to Excel format, allowing them to search by Card No.
Figure 1.1 shows the current Smart Device > Manage Access interface
Duplicate Card Number Checking
The system will verify entered card numbers for duplicates upon clicking the save button. If a duplicate is found, an error message stating "Card No. already exists" will be displayed. Mandatory fields include Name and Card No.; if data is missing upon saving, an error message will be shown.
Figure 1.2 shows the current Smart Device > Manage Access interface.
A ‘Sync’ button has been added to synchronise the changes made to the access devices.
Figure 1.3 shows the enhanced Smart Device > Manage Access page
Added a Dropdown menu to Select the Page Number
A dropdown menu has been added to allow admins to jump to a specific page.
Figure 1.4 shows the current Smart Device > Manage Access interface
Return to the Last Accessed Page
Once the ‘X’ icon is clicked, it will remain on the same page.
Figure 1.5 shows the current Smart Device > Manage Access page
2. Adopt Multiunit Visitor UI/UX Setting into the Existing Visitor Settings
The latest Multiunit Visitor UI/UX settings are incorporated into the current Visitor Settings.
Figure 2.1 shows the enhanced interface for the Visitor Setting.
3. Adopt Multiunit Visitor UI/UX Setting into the Existing Visitor Setting
All mobile numbers store formats are standardised to country code + 'space' + mobile no (without hyphen ‘-’), eg. +60 13928892.
Figure 3.1 iNeighbour Web Portal and Mobile App
4. Enhancement to Increase Mobile Number Entry Limit for +6011
Our system is enhanced to allow for a 10-digit entry limit when inputting mobile numbers starting with +6011.
Figure 4.1 Previous error shown for +6011 Mobile Numbers
5. Reset Password Prompt
A password reset prompt feature has been added for both admins and owners every 60 days, to have their accounts secured.
Figure 5.1 Unchanged Login Page
If the last password change date is more than 60 days, the system shall prompt the pop-up as shown in Figure 5.2.
Figure 5.2 Reset Password Request
After clicking ‘Reset’ in Figure 5.2, users can opt for ‘Log me out of all devices’ as a security measure so that all existing login links to the particular account will need to re-login again.
Figure 5.3 Reset Password Page
The changes above will also be available in iNeighbour’s Mobile Version.
Figure 5.4 Unchanged Login Page and Reset Password Request, Reset Password Page
Minor changes have been made for users who have forgotten their passwords and wish to reset them. The reset process which was previously a pop-up, is now presented on a page with the latest design.
Figure 5.5 Forgot Password
6. Removal of the Sales and Marketing section
The Sales and Marketing section will be removed from Market Square.
Figure 6.1 Market Square
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Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at info@timeteccloud.com, we will update it as soon as possible.
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