Visitor Listing: CCTV Footage View
Visitor Listing is a feature that provides an overview of the visitors that had visited the neighbourhood. For the latest enhancement, please refer below:
  View CCTV Footage

Visitor Listing now includes a new action button for Admin to view CCTV Footage of the visitors during check-in.

1. Example of the action button in the Visitor Listing under View Column.
2. By clicking on the action button, Admin will be able to view the information as well as the image of the visitor captured during registration.
  Account Statement: Import as PDF Format
Account Statement is a feature in E-billing in which the residents will be able to view the details of their statement. In the latest version, we have added a new Account Statement.
  New Statement Type: Maintenance Account Statement (CSS - PDF)

This new format allows both the Admin and Residents to generate a PDF version for the Maintenance Account Statement.

1. New Maintenance Account Statement as PDF.
  Panic Alert Enhancement
Panic Button is a crucial feature in i-Neighbour for emergency situations. This feature allows Residents to trigger a Panic Alert to inform their Emergency Contacts, appointed Admin as well as the Security Guard. For this month, we’ve added an enhancement as shown below:
  Add Sound Alert whenever a Panic Pop-Up is displayed

Panic Alert siren is available through App and Mobile Devices, whereby the pop-up now comes with a Sound Alert as well.

1. Sound Alert activating when the Panic Pop-Up Page is displayed.
  Resident: Account Activation Page
Whenever Residents have been added into the system by the Admin, they will need to verify themselves by activating their accounts. In this latest enhancement, the Resident Account Activation Flow is now standardised along with the Unit Owners. Once residents have been added into the system, they will receive their invitation link to activate their account via Email.
  Invitation Link Fields for Residents

All fields are mandatory except Profile Photo and Gender.

  Email Registration Page

Note that Email cannot be edited when Admin has registered the email before invitation.

  Registration Successful

Residents will be shown a Success Page when the registration is complete.

  Registration Unsuccessful

Resident will be shown an Invalid Page if the account has been removed or expired.

1. Account Activation Page for residents’ registration in the invitation link.
2. If residents already have an account within i-Neighbour, they will then be directed to the Email Registered Page for login using their previously activated account.
  i-Neighbour Mobile App Updates
1. App Version Update Alert
In i-Neighbour, we offer updates and improvements for FREE to better improve your user experience. From time to time, your App might be more prone to bugs and crashes as well. In order to prevent these unexpected issues from occurring, you will need to update the i-Neighbour App for time to time. Hence in this latest enhancement, we have added the App Version Update Alert to remind you of incoming updates.
  Example of Update Alert Reminder as shown in the screenshots below.
2. E-Billing: SQL Accounting Integration
The E-Billing Module in i-Neighbour can now be integrated with SQL Accounting Software via i-Neighbour Accounting Middleware. This new update allows users to view their Account Statement through Mobile App.
  Example of SQL Integration UI in i-Neighbour App.
3. Defect Report: Joint Inspection Alert
When Unit Owners logged into their account via i-Neighbour App, they will now receive a Joint Inspection Alert as well as a Force Closed Notification due to a lack of response.
  Example of a Joint Inspection Alert in i-Neighbour.
4. Accounting Statement: SQL Accounting
The integration of SQL Accounting is now available on i-Neighbour Mobile App as well. Please note that SQL Accounting is only available after switching over from IFCA (Default). As such, Residents will be able to access the main listing of the Account Statement as well as the summarised data for SQL Accounting.
  Example of SQL Accounting integration in i-Neighbour.
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Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at [email protected], we will update it as soon as possible.
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