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New Features June 2020
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New Features
i-Neighbour Web Updates
Integration with Advelsoft and JomPay
i-Neighbour E-billing aims to provide the convenience for residents to acquire up-to-date invoices and outstanding bills while at the same time providing admins the benefits to reach out to residents more effortlessly.

In this latest update, we have integrated our E-Billing module with Advelsoft to generate Reference Code for JomPay. Residents will be able to access their outstanding invoices within the i-Neighbour E-Billing module after the Admin has successfully synced the data from Advelsoft.

For security purposes, Advelsoft will send out an email containing the 1 time verification PIN to be used in the i-Neighbour E-Billing module. After the verification process, residents will be able to access their E-Billing module and start generating the JomPay Reference Code to pay the outstanding bills.
1. A sample interface for Web Verification via PIN.
2. After the residents have generated the JomPay Reference Code, they will be able to download the said Reference Code along with the outstanding items as a PDF file.
i-Neighbour Mobile App Updates
1. Mobile User Interface with PIN verification.
2. A preview of the Mobile User Interface of the List of Invoices with Code Generated.
i-Account New Features
1. New Reports
The first update is in the Reports module which a number of new reports has been introduced:

Added 10 new reports under Customer
i. Statement of Account for Unit
ii. Outstanding for Unit
iii. Billing & Collection Report
iv. Deposit List
v. Refund List
vi. Un-Refund Deposit List
vii. Transaction Summary
viii. Outstanding Account
ix. Payment Item Allocation
x. Payment Allocation Period

Added 1 new report under the General Ledger
i. Account Receivable Summary
a. Report Selection
b. Statement of Account for Unit
c. Outstanding for Unit
d. Billing & Collection Report
e. Deposit List
f. Refund List
g. Un-Refund Deposit List
h. Transaction Summary
i. Outstanding Account
j. Payment Item Allocation
k. Payment Allocation Period
l. Account Receivable Summary
2. New Feature: Deposit Module
Next, a new module to handle refundable deposits in the system has been added as well. The records of payment received and refunds entered through this new flow will be displayed in 3 new reports which were mentioned earlier: Deposit List, Refund List and Un-Refund Deposit List. More details are as follows:
  1. Go to Banking and General Ledger > Maintenance > GL Accounts.
  2. From the GL Account dropdown menu, select the GL Account used for recording refundable deposits.
  3. There is a checkbox for “Refundable Deposit”. Mark the checkbox to set this account as a deposit account.
  4. When the checkbox is ticked, another field will be displayed for Amount. Enter a value for Amount if there is a standard amount (e.g. RM200) accepted for this deposit.
Deposit Received (Bank Deposit)
  1. To record payment received for deposit, go to Banking and General Ledger > Transaction > Deposit > Select From “Customer” > Select the Owner.
  2. Under the Deposit Item section, only the pre-set refundable deposit GL Account will be listed.
  3. Select the appropriate deposit GL Account from the dropdown and enter the receipt.
  4. Multiple deposits can be entered in one entry.
Deposit Refund (Bank Deposit)
  1. To record deposit refunds, go to Banking and General Ledger > Transactions > Deposit Refunds.
  2. Select the owner from the Customer menu.
  3. All un-refunded deposits for the selected owner will be displayed.
  4. Allocate payment to desired deposits at “This Allocation” column and click “Process Refund”.
a. Banking and General Ledger > Maintenance > GL Accounts
b. Banking and General Ledger > Transactions > Deposit
c. Official Receipt Issued for Deposit
d. Banking and General Ledger > Transactions > Deposit Refunds
e. Payment Voucher
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Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at info@timeteccloud.com, we will update it as soon as possible.
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