Smart Card Reader
Faster & Safer
We recommend the best hardware you need for simple, fast and secured visitor registration.
FAQ for bR301 Smart Card Reader
Faster - Complete the walk-in visitor registration easily and quickly with our recommended smart card reader.
Pair your iOS or Android devices with the smart card reader.
Insert visitor identification card at the smart card reader.
Visitor information will be extracted into your i-Neighbour account and here the registration is taken care of.
Safer - Authentify pre-registered visitors' identities by matching their ID numbers using our recommended smart card reader.
Management to set "ID field" as mandatory in the visitor pre-registration form.
Security will scan the QR Visitor Pass and read visitor's ID card using card reader.
Security can take appropriate measures if ID number does not match with the registered ID number.
Recommended Smart Card Reader
bR301 Bluetooth Smart Card Reader
Wireless Bluetooth smart card reader,
compatible with iOS or Android devices.
Warranty Terms & Conditions
1. The warranty is consequent to the purchase of i-Neighbour hardware.
2. The warranty is only valid upon legitimate demonstration of the i-Neighbour hardware purchase proof.
3. The hardware is warranted under normal use, against manufacturing defects for a period of twelve (12) months from original purchase date. The warranty is not applicable to any form of loss or damages that takes place with the hardware due to the following cases:
• Mishandling and improper maintenance of the hardware, and failure to obey operating instructions;
• Leaking batteries, sand, dirt or water damages;
• Electrical power surge, improper power and/or communication link connection and unstable power supply;
• Use of unauthorized components or services by other than our authorized agents;
• Serial number and/or warranty sticker is altered or removed.
• Unauthorized modifications, conversions or alterations to the equipment.
4. i-Neighbour holds no liability for loss or damages to the equipment that may occur during the transportation process.
5. The warranty does not cover payment of transportation charges or any other miscellaneous payments incurred for any send over of equipment to us.
Supported Card Type : T0, T1, CLASS B, CLASS C, CLASS BC
Working temperature : 0 - 50 C
Port : Bluetooth/Micro USB
Battery : 800mAh
Charging Port : Micro USB
Supported Mobile OS : iOS/Android/Blackberry
Supported PC OS : Windows 2000+/Linux/Mac OS X/UNIX
Dimension : 85 x 63.8 x 13.5 mm
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