i-Neighbour Implementation Guide
1. Appointment of a Master Admin
2. System Setup
a.  Setup of Neighbourhood Profile

b.  Assignment of Admins

c.  Setup of Neigbourbood’s blocks/road and unit number

d.  Determine Owner’s Data Fields

e.  Add Owner Names and Emails

f.  Send Invitation to Owners to Join i-Neighbour

g.   Add Committee Members

h.  Determine Visitor’s Data Fields

i.  Setup Security Company, Add Security Guard Details and Train Up Security Guards to use Guard Module

3. Owner/Tenant
Add family members into the neighbourhood

Note: Encourage all users, committee members, unit owners, tenants and security guards to download iOS/Android’s i-Neighbour mobile App
4. Trial & Proof of Concept

a.  A visitor preregisters to visit an owner and immediately receives a QR code after the owner approves the visit
b.  Security guard scans visitor’s QR code using any smartphone
c.  Unit owner receives a notification upon arrival confirmation
d.  The visitor scans the QR code at the guardhouse again before leaving the neighbourhood

5. System Roll Out
Note: i-Neighbour is an easy-to-deploy system because it allows implementation immediately even though resident’s participation hasn’t reached 100%.
6. Other Advantages
Add and share of important resources such as contacts and documents

7. Usage Booster
Print and laminate this Usage Booster sign and paste it at your guardhouse to encourage visitors to scan and download the App. Two sizes available, A5 and A4, in landscape and portrait format. Choose the right size and format that suit your guardhouse.

Landscape : A4 A5
Portrait : A4 A5
Any queries during implementation, please talk to us .