After 3 months free trial, you can continue using our system at only USD12/unit household per year.
Simple calculation. Easy maintenance.
Regardless how many residents and visitations made.

USD12 per unit per year
Amount your neighbourhood needs to pay annually.
What to do after 3 months free trial?
Neighbourhood admin will receive an email to decide if continue subscribe to i-Neighbour paid service. If not, admin can download all the relevant data in 15 days before system purges your account.
How can I make payment to i-Neighbour?
i-Neighbour accepts payment via various methods including Paypal and BrainTree. With this renowned third party payment gateway, you can pay by Credit Cards easily.

Payment Policy

Any discount available?
Please write to us at if there is more than 500 total units in your neighbourhood that are subscribing i-Neighbour to enjoy special discount!
Value Added Products & Services
Connect i-Neighbour with these value added products and services to improve the efficiency of your neighbourhood.
Smart Card Reader
Fast and secure visitor registration process
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Siren Kit
Extra security for emergency
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Payment Gateway
Pay maintenance fee online
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