Guard Patrolling System

Keep the Guards Alert for A Safer Community
What Sets Us Apart
Higher Assurance
No more patrol guards slacking off on their duty.
Real-Time Monitoring
Ensures the quality of the hired patrol guards.
Notable Features
Instant Alert For Timeliness
Management will receive real-time notification if there is any late or missed patrol.
Routes, Checkpoints & GPS Tracking
Patrol guards on duty are required to clock in with checkpoints and GPS Tracking on App.
Real-time Monitoring Dashboard
Get all details in real-time, track guards and patrol records anytime, anywhere.
Offline Mode
Record patrol data when there is no service and signal, and auto-sync once the connection is reestablished.
List of Features
Routes, Checkpoints & GPS Tracking
Instant Alert for Timeliness
Offline Mode
Checkpoints Job Order
GPS Fencing
Real-time Monitoring

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