Guard Patrolling System

Keep the Guards Alert for A Safer Community
What Set Us Apart
Higher Assurance
No more patrol guards slacking off on their duty.
Real-Time Monitoring
Ensures the quality of the hired patrol guards.
Notable Features
Instant Alert For Timeliness
Management will receive real-time notification if there is any late or miss patrol.
Routes, Checkpoints & GPS Tracking
Patrol guards on duty are required to clock-in with checkpoints and GPS Tracking on App.
Real-time Monitoring Dashboard
Get all details in real-time, track guards and patrol records anytime, anywhere.
Offline Mode
Record patrol data when there is no service and signal, auto sync once the connection is reestablished.
List of Features
Routes, Checkpoints & GPS Tracking
Instant Alert for Timeliness
Offline Mode
Checkpoints Job Order
GPS Fencing
Real-time Monitoring

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