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1. How long it normally takes to roll out I-Neighbour in my community?

2. Does i-Neighbour work on Mac?

Yes, i-Neighbour is a cloud-based solution. You can access to i-Neighbour website and your account on both Windows and Mac operating system, via all major web browsers.

3. How do I access i-Neighbour through my smart phone?

To access to i-Neighbour website, you logon to “” on your mobile phone's browser.
To access to your account,
1.Download i-Neighbour App from

iOS     Android

2.Login > Enter your login email and password.

4. Do I have to install additional software to use i-Neighbour?

Definitely not necessary. You can access to i-Neighbour's web portal via all major browsers. While for the smartphone, all you need is just i-Neighbour Mobile App. Download i-Neighbour Mobile App here:

iOS     Android

5. Does i-Neighbour keep visitor records?

Yes, we keep history records. The management committee can view and print all visitor records for further analysis. While residents can view individual visitor records.

6. If security guard's device is lost, what should management do? Will all the information be exposed?

If the device used by the security guard is lost, management can change the password of the account.
Very soon in the future, i-Neighbour will enhance its security by imposing Google's 2-Factor Authentication. With this, users are required to verify before logging in. Besides that, upon changing password, user can choose to logout from all devices.

7. Can i-Neighbour be used on any iOS or Android smartphone?

i-Neighbour is compatible with iOS 9.0 & above; Android version 4.3 & above.

8. If I have 3 units in the same neighbourhood, can I manage the 3 units by using 1 account?

Yes, you may manage 3 units by using 1 iNeighbour apps, but all these 3 units have to register using the same email address.
This will also be applied for multiple units in different neighbourhoods, all you need to do is register all units under same email address.
For more information, refer this article:

9. Can I deactivate my tenant account?

When your tenant already moved out, owner can remove their account using iNeighbour apps. After removed, they will not be able to login iNeighbour apps anymore.

 Join i-Neighbour
1. Who can join i-Neighbour?

Everyone can join as an i-Neighbour member (visitor account), however to join as a community, it will be best if you are a committee of your resident’s association because you will need more information to build the entire accounts of your community.

2. How to join i-Neighbour as a community?

If you are a committee of your resident's association, you can join i-Neighbour as a community at

3. What information do I need to gather before I start setting up my community accounts?

You will need to have unit details of your community, emails and mobile numbers of unit owners. Invite them to activate their account, so that they can start inviting their family members or tenants to join i-Neighbour.

4. What do I do after I’ve signed up my community in i-Neighbour?

You will receive a verification email that requires you to activate your account. Implementation guide has been prepared to guide you in your community’s account setup. Please feel free to reach us at if you require any assistance.

5. What are the benefits of joining i-Neighbour as a visitor member?

As a visitor member in i-Neighbour, you can always log into your account to check your visitation records. Besides, you can also save time on filling up your personal information in Pre-Registration because i-Neighbour will keep your profile data in our cloud server. And it is free of charge!

6. What do I do after my community has signed up i-Neighbour?

As a residential management company, you are welcome to join us as an i-Neighbour Reseller. Click here to find out more about our Reseller Program.

7. I am from a residential management company. Can I also join i-Neighbour?

As a residential management company, you are welcome to join us as an i-Neighbour Reseller. Click here to find out more about our Reseller Program.

8. I am from a security company. Can I join i-Neighbour?

For a security company, when your client, i.e. the community/management company join i-Neighbour as a community, they will then create guard house accounts for the security guards to monitor the in-out of visitors.

9. I am just an owner/resident of a community, can I sign up?

You are encouraged to contact your resident’s association representative to sign up with us. After they have signed up the community with us, you will get an invitation to login into your owner/resident account.

Alternatively, you may sign up your community with us first, and later transfer the administrative rights to the authorised personnel to facilitate the whole visitor management process.

10. What should I do if some of the residents in my community do not want to use i-Neighbour?

They are still encouraged to join. However, if the residents insist on not joining i-Neighbour, the Admin can set their occupancy status as ‘Non-Member’ and the residents will not have the access to all i-Neighbour features. Note that it would be better that their name & email address to be keyed into the system for security guard verification purposes.

11. I did not receive email of activation code, what should I do?

During registration, admin will only add 1 person per unit (Even though there is a joint purchaser in the same unit), 1 person in the same unit will only receive the invitation email.

  If you did not receive any email:
  • Check your Junk Mail
  • Refer to the iNeighbour admin (management office), to check whether your email address is accurate
  • If email is accurate, please refer to the iNeighbour admin and ask for activation code

12. How to activate my account?

If you are the Owner - you will receive the invitation email, inside the email, there will be 2 options to activate your iNeighbour account (either by Web activation or Apps activation).

  Web activation

  Mobile Activation

For more information, kindly refer to the article below (Amend step3, need to press “Have a Code”)

If you are the joint purchaser / family member / tenant – Owner of the unit has to add you in the iNeighbour apps, by sending invitation link via Whatapp, Telegram or email.

Kindly refer this article:

13. How to add my family member/tenant?

To add family member, refer to this link:

To add tenant, refer to this link:

14. What are the differences between master tenant and tenant?

  • Only 1 person can be added as a master tenant
  • There is no limit in adding family tenant
  • Master tenant can add another tenant (If enabled by iNeighbour admin)

For example, there are husband, wife and children in the tenant family
Husband – set as master tenant
Wife – set as tenant
Children – set as tenant

15. Can the tenant add another tenant?

By default, for Rental unit, only rental owner or admin can add master tenant and tenant. Master tenant can add another tenant (If enabled by iNeighbour admin). However, tenant cannot add another tenant.

16. Do both tenant and owner share the same access in iNeighbour?

Yes, tenant may access to all the features available in the iNeighbour apps, such as invite visitor, facility booking, and more.

17. If I have a tenant, may I monitor their iNeighbour account? I.e to see their visitor, feedback reported, facility booking, etc

As a rental owner, you are not allowed to view the tenant’s activities such as visitor details, feedback report or facility booking, and vice versa, tenant is not allowed to view any rental owner’s activities.

18. Why I could not add my tenant?

For rental owner – Please make sure your unit occupancy status (Press button my unit) is “Rental”, only then you will able to add your tenant.

For master tenant – By default only rental owner is able to add another tenant details, but if admin enabled it, master tenant will also be allowed to add another tenant details.

For iNeighbour Admin – please make sure the unit status is rental, and the rental owner has activated their account. Admin can help to add master tenant/ tenant details, after all these then send invitation via email.

19. For visitor verification, why did the security guard call the rental owner rather than the tenant?

As a rental owner, after you have added your tenant details, you need to send an invitation link to the tenant.
After tenant has activated their account, please add your tenant name in the contact number (intercom) listing, then uncheck button “enable guard view”.
For more information, kindly refer to this article (refer step 3):

 On Privacy Policy
1. Can my neighbours view my name and phone number in the i-Neighbour system?

No. Your neighbours can't see your name and phone number in the system, those information are limited to system administrators only.

2. If my neighbours don't know my name, how could they add me into their emergency contact list?

They couldn't, unless they know you personally. Request can only be sent if names are typed correctly and the person's approval is obtained. Only then those individuals can be added into the emergency contact list.

3. When a visitor pre-registers to visit his/her friends in a community, does i-Neighbour provide autocomplete to speed up the registration?

No. A visitor has to enter the resident's full registered name in the system to pre-register a visitation. The system doesn't provide autocomplete function to avoid random guessing of names by unauthorized individuals.

4. As a System Provider, do you abide by a Privacy Policy?

Yes, and we adhere strictly to it. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

5. Can the security guards view my phone number in i-Neighbour?

No. The security guards are allowed to contact you through your phone, but the system wouldn't display residents' phone numbers on the security guard module.

6. Would the security company be furnished with a full list of a neighborhood's visitation records?

A security company will only be furnished with the list today's visitation records. The list they have, would only consist of information of the approved, declined and blacklisted visitors.

7. Could a community that is using i-Neighbour collect personal information of a visitor?

Yes. Any gated & guarded community is considered privately owned property, and they can customize i-Neighbour to collect visitor information that they deemed fit for their security purposes.

8. If I refused to provide my personal and sensitive information to i-Neighbour, would I be allowed to pre-register and visit the community?

No. As privately owned property, every community has the rights to obtain required and compulsory information out of its visitors.

9. If my community has decided to use i-Neighbour, can I choose to not use the system?

Yes. When you receive an invitation email from your management/admin, you can ignore it and choose not to join. But just like any visitor management system, the security guard module will still have your basic info, for example your name and contact number for the security guards to contact if you have any visitors. And you definitely can't utilize any other features offered in the i-Neighbour for your convenience.

10. Where is all my community data stored?

All the data will be stored in Amazon AWS Server in Singapore.

11. What if my community stopped i-Neighbour services, will the data be given back to me?

Yes, in case a community decided not to use i-Neighbour, i-Neighbour will keep the data for 45 days to allow the Admin to backup all the data and the data will then be deleted from i-Neighbour server after 45 days.

12. How to change my email address?

The System does not allow owner to edit or change the email address. However, you can directly refer to the iNeighbour admin (Management Office) to change your email address.

1. What is Pre-Registration and how does it work?

Pre-registration allows visitor to register in advance prior to the actual visit day. For example, if you are going to visit your friend next week. Through the i-Neighbour Web and Mobile App, you can get the pre-registration done at anytime and anywhere. After your friend have accepted the registration, you will be provided with a QR code for easy access to the community and a quick verification at the guardhouse.

2. If I do not want to pre-register, is there any other alternatives?

Yes, of course. There are 2 more registration methods in i-Neighbour, which are:
1. Invitation - you can get your friend (resident) to send you an invitation through i-Neighbour Mobile App. You will then receive a QR code and a link from your friend. The QR code is for easy access and quick verification. While the link will direct you to a web page to fill up your information, that is required by the community. So, you will get yourself registered and all you have to do at the guard house is to get the QR code scanned. No more long waiting time at the guard house!
2. Walk-In Registration is still possible. You may get yourself registered at the guard house.

3. Do I need to pay for registering to visit someone through i-Neighbour?

No, visitor registration is totally free in i-Neighbour. All you need is a personal PC or a smartphone.

4. Do I have to sign up to pre-register to visit someone using i-Neighbour?

• Yes, you should. Because once you have registered, your information will be saved in your account. So, your information is always automatically filled up in the visitor registration form, when you pre-register to visit someone.

• If you do not wish to sign up, it is totally fine. You can still pre-register your visit through web and mobile app. In web app, you may go to to search the community that you would like to visit. While for mobile app, you can login as "I AM A VISITOR".

5. How to pre-register a visit on i-Neighbour web portal if I do not sign up for an account?

• Go to
• Search for the community that you would like to visit
• Enter Resident Information (Unit No. and Name). Make sure that you have the correct unit no. and resident’s name as registered in i-Neighbour. You will not be allowed to proceed further with the registration if the unit no. and resident’s name do not match.
• Fill up the visitation and your personal information.
• You will receive an email after the resident has responded to your registration.

6. How to pre-register a visitation using i-Neighbour Mobile App, if I do not sign up for an account?

• You may login as "I AM A VISITOR". Please note that your visitation record will be removed completely if you login to i-Neighbour system with another account.
• Go to Pre-Registration
• Select community that you wish to visit and follow the steps to complete the registration.
• You will receive a push notification on your mobile phone when the resident has responded to your registration.

7. What if a visitor enters an incorrect information during pre-registration?

Upon submitting the registration, i-Neighbour will do a quick screening to make sure that the photo uploaded is a “human” photo and all the information is filled up.
Security guards play a very important role too to ensure that the recorded visitor’s information is correct, they should verify the information registered with the ID of the visitors.
Upon scanning the QR code, the registered information of the visitor will be displayed right on the screen and the security guards are allowed to edit the information, if it is necessary.

8. Can visitor still be able to access to the community if his registration has been declined by the resident?

No, a QR code will not be provided to the visitor if his registration has been declined by the resident. The QR code will only be provided by the system automatically, if and only if, the resident has accepted the registration.

9. What is the purpose of a QR code?

A QR code is used in i-Neighbour's Visitor Management System to help speed up the registration process. Each QR code is tied up to one registration. So upon scanning the QR code by the security guard, the visitor can be checked-in or checked-out of the community after verifying the information.

10. How does the guard scan the QR code, any hardware required?

No external QR code scanner is required at all. i-Neighbour Mobile App has in-app QR code scanner in the security guard’s account.

11. What if the visitor comes to the community by a different vehicle from the one that he has registered in the visitor registration form?

Security guards are allowed to edit visitor's information, such as ID No. and the vehicle information.

12. With the QR code, when will I be allowed to check-in to the community? And, what if I am late?

By default, the system allows visitors to check-in an hour before and after the registered arrival time. Soon, the check-in validation time will be put into settings. So, the system admin (management) has the right to set the check-in validation time.

13. After my registration has been accepted by the resident, can I share the QR code with other friends of mine?

Yes, of course you can because it is out of the system’s control. However, the QR code has been tied up with your information. The security guard might not allow your friend to check-in to the community with the QR code that is not registred with his own information. Hence, security guards play a vital role to keep a community safe.

14. Can I register to visit multiple units?

For the time being, you are required to do multiple registrations to visit multiple units in one community.

Very soon in the future, i-Neighbour Visitor Management System will be able to cater to multiple units visitation. It will be developed especially for visitors, like school bus drivers and newspaper distributors.

15. Can I cancel or reschedule an accepted visitation?

Yes, of course you can. Residents can choose to accept, decline or reschedule the registration submitted by their visitors. Rescheduling is allowed between the residents and visitors up to three times. However, rescheduling can only be done, via email for the time being.

16. What do i have to fill up in the registration form?

The basic information such as name, ID No. mobile number. However, the registration form is totally customizable. The management or the system admin will decide the information they require from the visitors.

17. What information is required to be filled up by the visitors?

The basic information such as name, ID No. mobile number. However, the registration form is totally customizable. As an admin, you can decide what information is required from the visitors.

18. How and where can management customize the registration form?

Management can customize the registration form by logging into your account in i-Neighbour Web App. Go to Settings > Profile > Visitor Registration.
You can add more fields as you wish.

19. Does admin have the access to the visitor listing?

Yes, of course. In Visitor module, it provides a dashboard to view visitors who are expected to come, checked-in and checked-out.

20. Who has the right to accept or decline pre-registration submitted by visitors?

Only residents or the person whom the visitors are visiting have the right to accept or decline a the registration.

21. Can the pre-registration feature be disabled so, visitors are required to do walk-in registration if they wish to enter the community?

We are not able to disable the Pre-Registration feature from our system. Instead, you, as the management can inform the security guards to not accept pre-registered visitors. And, of course, the residents should be informed of that, so that they do not accept visitors’ pre-registration.

22. What are the advantages of Pre-Registration?

Speed up the registration process: by doing pre-registration, visitor's information and approval from the residents have been obtained beforehand. Hence, security guards only have to scan the QR code and verify visitor’s information.

Solve long queue issue at the guardhouse: if most of the visitors pre-register before they go to the community, long queue issue can be solved effectively.

23. If security guard’s device is lost, what should management do? Will all the information be exposed?

If the device used by the security guard is lost, the management can change the password of the account.
Very soon in the future, i-Neighbour will enhance its security by imposing Google's 2-Factor Authentication. With this, users are required to verify before logging in. Besides that, upon changing password, user can choose to logout from all devices.

24. Can I decline my visitor’s pre-registration?

Yes, you can choose to accept, decline or reschedule the registration, via both i-Neighbour Web and Mobile App. However, rescheduling is not available on mobile app yet. Stay tuned and it will be soon delivered to you.

25. Who has the right to accept or decline a registration? Everyone in the family?

Only the resident, whom the visitor is visiting will be notified and has the right to accept, decline or reschedule the registration.

26. I have rented out my unit. Will I still receive notification if the tenant receives a pre-registration from his friend?

No, you never will. This is because only the visitee (tenant in this case) will be notified of their visitors.

27. Does admin have the access to the visitor listing?

Yes, the system admin has the right to see a list of visitors who are expected to come, have checked in and out. However, your neighbours will definitely not be able to see your visitor records.

28. What if I do not respond to my visitor' pre-registration? Can he still enter the community?

If you do not respond to your visitor's registration, it will then be marked as "Expired" after the arrival date registered. QR code will not be provided to your visitors, unless you accept the registration.

1. Do residents have to get permission from the management to invite visitors?

No, residents do not need management’s approval to invite their visitors. By sending invitations to their guest, residents have already given permission to let the visitors in. So, when the visitors check-in at the guard house, security guards do not have to call the residents to get visitation approval.

2. Who can the residents invite?

Residents can invite neighbours and outsiders, such as family, friends, contractors and etc..

3. What are the link and the QR code for ?

The QR code serves the purpose of quick and easy verification. By scanning the QR code via i-Neighbour Mobile App, the security guard will be able to see the information of the visitor. Security guard can edit the information of the visitor, if it is necessary.

4. What will happen if the invited visitor send the QR code to others?

Before a QR code and link are generated, residents are required to fill up the name of the visitors. Hence, the QR code generated has been tied up with the visitor's name. Security guard should not let the visitor in if the visitor's name is not the same as registered. Besides that, once the visitor has been checked-in to the community, the resident will receive a push notification. Resident can also view the information of the visitor.

5. How many visitors can check-in with one QR code?

An invited visitor can check-in with one QR code in a group or individual. Maximum of five visitors are allowed for group check-in.

6. If I am inviting my grandmother over to my house and she does not know how to operate a computer or smartphone, can I fill up her information on behalf of her?

Yes, you can fill up her information on her behalf. When you are creating an invitation, you have the options to either fill up completely or partially of the visitor’s information. Besides, if your visitor does not want to fill up her information via the link, she can complete the registration at the guard house.

7. How can I invite visitors if I am going to organize a birthday party? Can i send a QR code and link to all visitors?

Through i-Neighbour Mobile App, you can choose Multiple Invitation. By selecting Multiple Invitation, you are required to fill up the visitation information for only once. Visitation information includes Visit Type, Purpose of Visit and Arrival Date & Time. To generate a QR code and link, you are only required to enter the visitor's name. Then, you can send the QR code and link generated through your prefered social app, such as Whatapps, facebook, WeChat and etc..

8. Do the residents have to fill up all information of the visitor whom they are inviting?

No, it is not compulsory for the residents to fill up all information of the visitor. Residents are only required to fill up the visitor’s name. And, of course, i-Neighbour Mobile App provides flexibility to allow the residents to fill up all information of the visitor.

9. Why the residents have to invite their neighbours, since the invite neighbours do not have to go through security checkpoint?

Upon inviting the neighbours, system will send a push notification to the neighbour via i-Neighbour Mobile App. The invited neighbours are required to respond to either accept or decline the invitation.
i-Neighbour is integrated with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Lift, in which residents and visitors can access to the permitted blocks and floors (high rise property) using i-Neighbour Mobile App. Hence, with this feature, the invited neighbours who are living in the different blocks can go to the host's unit, without having to trouble the security guards. Click here to know more about the BLE Lift.

10. Residents can invite any neighbours of theirs?

Yes, a resident can invite any neighbours living in the same apartment, provided he knows the unit number and name of his neighbour. Before inviting the neighbours, the resident is required to enter the name of the neighbour. If the unit number and name do not match, the resident will not be allowed to proceed further.

11. If the invited visitors do not want to fill up their information through the link provided, can they do the registration at the guard house?

Yes, the invited visitors can complete the registration at the guard house if they do not wish to fill up their information via the link provided. Likewise, the security guard can edit the visitor’s information, if it is not correct.

12. Can the visitor decline the invitation?

Yes, the invited visitor can choose to accept or decline the invitation. And, the resident (host) will receive a push notification via i-Neighbour Mobile App.

13. Can I delete my visitor?

Visitor comes in 3 categories:

  • Upcoming – Show all invited visitor
  • Checked-In – Show all registered visitor
  • History – Show all previous visitor (Already checked-out)

All these visitor details, cannot be deleted.
However, for invited visitor, owner may cancel the invitation, providing that the visitor has not registered at the security guard house.

If there is any visitor already checked-in or Check-out (History), but that is not your visitor, you should directly report it as “Not My Visitor”.
For more information, refer to this link:

 Walk-In Registration
1. What is Walk-In Registration?

Walk-In Registration is one of the registration methods in i-Neighbour's Visitor Management System. It is done by the security guards at the guard house to register the visitors on the spot.

2. Do security guards have to call the resident for approval to let the visitor in?

This is decided by the management of a community. In the Visitor Settings page on i-Neighbour Web App, the management can choose whether security guards have to call the residents for visitation approval.

3. Can i-Neighbour be integrated with an Intercom system ?

i-Neighbour system replaces the commercial intercom system. "Intercom" feature is already available in i-Neighbour Mobile App for FREE. Residents can find the contact number of management office and guard house in Call For Assistant page. While, for the security guards' account, "intercom" feature is part of the walk-in registration process, if the management wants the security guard to call residents for visitation approval.

4. Can the security guards obtain the contact number of residents?

In i-Neighbour Mobile App, the contact numbers of the residents are not displayed in the security guard's account. The security guards can only click on the call icon to contact the respective resident.

i-Neighbour strongly advises the management to provide a locked smartphone or tablet to the security guards. By locking a device, the security guards will not be able to see the call history, as well as misusing the device. i-Neighbour does not sell or provide smartphone or table. The management can choose any devices that are available in the market, at an affordable price.

5. How does i-Neighbour App protect the privacy of the residents to prevent the information from being taken or misused by the security guards?

In i-Neighbour Mobile App, security guards do not have the view of the residents' contact numbers. Security guard will be directed to call a particular resident after tapping on the call icon. Hence, i-Neighbour strongly recommends the management to provide a locked device to the guard house. So that the security guards cannot access to the call history on the device.

6. What is required or needed to be installed, so that the security guards can use i-Neighbour App to do walk-in registration?

Only Internet connection and a tablet are required to use i-Neighbour system.

Smart Card Reader is an optional device that could help speed up the walk-in registration process and reducing human error, by getting required visitor's information from Malaysian Identity Card (Mykad).

7. What device is recommended for a guard house?

A phablet or tablet is recommended for the guard house. The size is good and easy for the security guards to enter visitor's information, compared to a mobile phone.

8. Can security guard check-in a visitor through walk-in registration, without informing the resident?

The security guards can check-in the visitor without informing the resident, if and only if the management does not require the security guards to call residents for visitation approval. Besides, residents will receive notification via i-Neighbour Mobile App when their visitors have been checked-in.

9. Can the walk-in registration be done if the internet in down?

Yes, walk-in registration and checking in-out visitors are still possible even if the internet is down. Offline mode is available on the security guard's account on i-Neighbour Mobile App. However, live notification is not possible. For example, when the visitor is checked-in, the resident will not be receiving a push notification immediately. Despite of that, all information will be uploaded and saved in the cloud server, as soon as when the internet becomes available again.

10. What information has to filled up in the walk-in registration form?

Visitor registration form is totally customizable by the management. The management decides what information is required from Pre-Registration, Invitation and Walk-In Registration.

11. Is the walk-in registration form customizable?

Yes, visitor registration form for Pre-Registration, Invitation and Walk-In Registration is totally customizable. The management decides what information they require from the visitors.

12. Filling up the walk-in registration form might take up sometime. Is there any other alternatives?

1. Since visitor registration can be customized by the management, hence the management should not include unnecessary information in the visitor registration form. This is because the more information added, the longer time taken to complete a walk-in registration.

2. Use a Smart Card Reader to obtain required information from visitors' Malaysian Identity Card.

3. Management can create more than one guard house account. With more than guard house account, security guards can do multiple walk-in registration concurrently on different devices.

13. Does Smart Card Reader work on a PC computer?

Smart Card Reader that i-Neighbour is selling can only be supported by smartphones (Android & iOS). Despite of that, i-Neighbour Web App works with any brands of Smart Card Reader.

14. What information will be taken from visitor's identity card?

Only the basic information, such as name, ID no., photo, gender and home address will be taken from the visitor's identity card.

15. If visitors are not confident handling over their identity card, what should the security guards do?

Security guard should do the walk-in registration process, right in front of the visitors. If a Smart Card Reader is used, security guards should let the visitors to slot in their identity card into the reader themselve, and show them what is the information taken.

16. Does the Smart Card Reader work on identity card of all countries?

The bR301 Smart Card Reader that we are using is a common reader, only reads the smart card that is having similar type of chipset and microprocessor only, and if the eID or chip supports ISO 7816 protocol, then it can use bR301. Here are a list of countries that their citizen’s identity cards confirmed can be supported by bR301: Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, UK, US, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Below is the country list that use smartcard as eID but not all verify with bR 301 Smart Reader.

17. If a visitor is using a passport or driving license as ID, what should the guard do?

There are three options of ID: IC, Driving License and Passport. After selecting the ID type, security guard is required to enter the ID No. Hence, in this case, security guard should choose driving license as the ID Type and then enter the driving license number.

Besides, security guard can also take a photo of the ID, if and only if it is required by the management.

18. Is group check-in allowed in the walk-in registration?

Yes, Group check-in is allowed in walk-in registration. Upon selecting group check-in, security guard is required to enter the total number of visitors.

19. Is visitor allowed to register for multiple in-out or recurring visit type in walk-in registration?

No, Multiple In-Out and Recurring visit type are not allowed in walk-in registration. Walk-in visitors are only permitted with One Time visit type entry pass.

 Blacklist Menace
1. Who has the right to blacklist a visitor?

Security guards can report a misbehaved visitor. While, only system admins (management) have the right to blacklist a visitor. In other words, approval from the system admin is required to blacklist a visitor.

2. Can residents blacklist their visitors?

No, residents do not have the right to blacklist their visitors. However, residents can leave a note on the visitor's visitation via i-Neighbour Mobile App.

3. How can a blacklisted visitor be whitelisted? And, who can do that?

A blacklisted visitor can be whitelisted by the system admin (management), via i-Neighbour Web and Mobile App. After the visitor has been whitelisted, then he will be allowed entry to the community.

4. How does the system admin decide whether to blacklist a visitor or not?

To report a misbehaved visitor, the security guard is required to enter the reason. So, from the reason entered by the security guard, the system admin (management) will decide whether to blacklist the visitor or not.

5. Can the blacklisted visitor enter the community?

No, a blacklisted visitor will not be allowed entry to the community at all! Upon submitting visitor registration, i-Neighbour system will check the visitor's ID and name. If the visitor has been blacklisted by the community, he will not be allowed to proceed further at all.

6. How does the system check if a visitor has been blacklisted?

System checks the visitor's name and ID number. If the visitor is found to be a blacklisted visitor, then the visitor will not be allowed to proceed further with the registration.

7. Can residents send invitation to a blacklisted visitor?

Yes, the residents can invite a blacklisted visitor. This is because residents are only required to enter the visitor's name to send an invitation. However, when the visitor is being checked-in at the guard house, i-Neighbour system will check if the visitor is in the blacklist. A blacklisted visitor will not be allowed to check-in.

8. What if the blacklisted visitor goes into the community with someone who has registered or in a group?

This is out of the control of the system. i-Neighbour system will only do checking on the registered visitors.

Perhaps the management can tighten the security rules by having all visitors in a group to register, before entering the community.

9. Will the resident be informed if his visitor has been blacklisted?

The resident will be notified via i-Neighbour Mobile App when his visitor has been reported by the security guard. Likewise, the resident will also be notified if his visitor has been blacklisted by the management.

10. If a visitor was blacklisted after visiting Resident A, can he still go to the community to visit Resident B?

No, the blacklisted visitor will not be allowed entry to the community at all.

11. If a visitor was blacklisted in Community A, can he go to Community B?

Yes, the visitor can go to Community B, but not Community A.

12. Will the blacklisted visitor be informed when he has been blacklisted by a community?

Yes, the visitor will be alert via email when he has been reported and blacklisted.

13. How can the blacklisted visitor get himself whitelisted?

The blacklisted visitor should go to the management.

 Report Incident / Defect
1. Who can see the report that I have lodged?

Management (system admin) will be able to see the report. If and only if your report has been shared by the system admin to the whole community, then only all residents can see your report. You can decide to whether allow the management to share or not.

2. Can I report something personal? I do not wish other residents to see it.

Yes, you can. By turning off the toggle button for "Allow management to share with community", the management will not be able to share your report with other residents.

3. After lodging a report, how would I know when the issue has been resolved?

You will push notification on i-Neighbour Mobile App when the management has updated the status to be Resolved. Moreover, you will always be kept updated whenever the management leave a note on your report.

4. What kind of incident or defect can I report?

A list of incidents or defects can be customized by the management via i-Neighbour Web App. While lodging a report, residents can select incident / defect type from the list. If the incident / defect happened is not in the list, then residents can select "Others" and specify the incident / defect.

5. How or where can I lodge a report to the management?

Residents can lodge a report via i-Neighbour Mobile App, without having to go to the management office. Upon launching i-Neighbour Mobile App, you will see the "Report" feature on the Home page.

6. Who can comment on the report that I have lodged?

Whoever has a view to your report is allowed to leave a comment.

7. Is the list of incident / defect customizable?

Yes, it is. Management can create a list of incidents or defects that could possible happen in the community.

8. Which admin will receive the notification when a resident lodges a report, if there are multiple admins in the account?

Notification recipient is tied up with the priority of the incident / defect. Hence, management or PIC can decide which admin to receive notifications for High priority, for example, of incident / defect.

9. How can admin do follow-up with the reports lodged by residents?

Updating the progress of a report is made very much easy in i-Neighbour Mobile App. The concept is exactly like updating the status or location of a parcel being delivered. For example, the admin can update the status by saying that the elevator vendor has been contacted.

10. The reports lodged will be shared automatically with all residents?

No, the reports will not be shared automatically. Management can only share a report with all residents in the community, if and only if the reporter allows.

11. Can admin lodge a report?

Yes, admin can lodge a report too.

12. Is there any dashboard to let the admin see all the pending reports?

Yes, admin is provided a dashboard of pending report on i-Neighbour Mobile App. Pending reports are categorised based on the type.

13. Can admin unshare the report that has been shared with all residents?

Yes, admin can share and unshare a report.

 Facility Booking
1. Where can I add facilities in i-Neighbour?

You can add facilities via i-Neighbour Web App ( Go to Community > Manage Facility.

2. Swimming pool does not require booking. Should I add it into i-Neighbour system?

You may add swimming pool into the list of facilities. While adding a facility, turn off the toggle button for "Enable Booking". By doing this, the residents will be able to see the facility on i-Neighbour Mobile App, but booking is not required.

3. If a facilities is under maintenance, what should I do? Will the booking made be canceled automatically?

You should click on the "Edit" icon in the particular facility. Then, turn on the toggle button for "Maintenance In Progress". By doing this, the approved booking will be cancelled automatically. Residents will be alerted of the change. Moreover, residents will not be allowed booking if the facility is under maintenance.

4. Do the settings have advance booking period? For example, to book BBQ pit, residents are required to booking, a week in advance.

Yes, advance booking setting is available. If advance booking is required to book a facility, then the management has to select how many days for the advance booking period.

5. Does facility booking require approval from the management?

Management can choose auto approval or manual approval. If auto approval is selected, residents' booking will be automatically approved, as long as there is available slot.

6. Is facility booking linked with the payment feature?

At the moment, facility booking is not yet linked with the payment feature. However, residents can make payment for facility booking via i-Neighbour Mobile App.

7. What will happen to the booking made if the particular facility is deleted by the management?

The booking made by residents will be automatically cancelled, if the facility has been deleted from i-Neighbour Web App. The residents will be notified of the changes.

8. Do I have to add two badminton courts in i-Neighbour system if there are two courts in the community?

No. in i-Neighbour Web App, management can only add one facility of the same kind. In other words, management can only add one badminton facility. However, management can add multiple courts, rooms or units of the facility.

9. Can I disable facility booking feature, if there is no facility in the community that requires booking?

You do not have to do that. This is because if no facility is added, the Facility Booking feature will be hidden from the residents' view.

10. How can the resident access to the facility that they have booked? Does the system provide any access control system to allow the resident to open the facility during the period that they have booked?

Smart Lock is one of the IoT integration products that i-Neighbour provides. Smart Lock can be installed at the facility, such as badminton court. With the Smart Lock, residents can access to the badminton court via i-Neighbour App, at the particular date and time booked, without having to get the security guards to unlock the door.

Click here to find out more about Smart Lock.

11. Are there settings available that disallow a resident from taking all slots and leaving no slot for other residents?

No, this settings are not available at the moment. But, very soon in the future it will be added into the settings.

12. How would I know if there is booking made by the residents?

Management will be notified via email if the facility booking requires manual approval. Besides that, in the page of Facility Booking, management will be able to see the booking made by residents.

13. How can I book a facility through i-Neighbour Web App?

Go to My Booking > Book Now > Select a facility > Select slot(s) > Click Submit button.

14. How can I book a facility through i-Neighbour Mobile App?

Go to Facility Booking > tap on the Add icon > Select facility and date > Book

15. If booking fee is needed, how can I pay through i-Neighbour system?

If booking fee is required, you can pay via i-Neighbour Mobile App. On the side menu bar, tap on My Payment page. Tap on Add icon and you will directed to the payment page.

16. Can I cancel booking that has been approved by the management office?

Yes, you can cancel your booking.

17. After my booking has been approved, how can I access to the facility, such as badminton court?

If Smart Lock is installed at the badminton court, you can access to it via i-Neighbour Mobile App. Otherwise, you will need to get the security guard or PIC to unlock the door for you. Click here to find out more about Smart Lock.

18. What should I do if my booking has been rejected by the management office?

You try contact the management office to find out the reason, or book the facility on another day and time.

19. How many slots can I book at a time?

There is no limit and you can book as many slots as you want, as for now. But, soon in the future, there will be a setting to allow the management to decide how many slot can be booked by a resident at a time.

20. Why the facilities available in the community cannot be found in the i-Neighbour App?

The management must have disabled and hidden the particular facility from the residents’ view on i-Neighbour Mobile App. Please contact the management to find out more.

21. How would I know when the facility is closed?

Via i-Neighbour Mobile App, tap on the facility to view details. You will find "Closed On".

22. Who should I contact if I have enquiries about the facility booking?

Via i-Neighbour Mobile App, tap on the facility to view details. You will find the person in charge of the particular facility. You can contact the PIC by phone call or email.

23. Why I cannot book some of the facilities in i-Neighbour Mobile App?

The management must have turn off the feature of "Enable Booking", or the particular facility is under maintenance. Please try with different date and time. For more information, please contact the management office.

24. How can I prove to the management that my booking has been approved?

On the page of Facility Booking, you will see a list of booking you made with their statuses. If your booking has been approved, the status will appear to be "Approved".

25. Can I cancel my facility booking?

Yes, Owner can cancel the facility booking.

 Resident Pass
1. What is Resident Pass and what is it for?

Resident pass is available in all residents' account. It can be found in My Profile, which can be accessed from the side menu bar in i-Neighbour Mobile App.

Resident Pass is used by residents to prove that they are living in the particular community. By getting the Resident Pass scanned by the security guard, the residents will be allowed entry, when they do not have their access card with them.

2. Who will have this Resident Pass?

Only residents have Resident Pass in their account.

3. Where can I find the Resident Pass?

Side menu bar > tap on your photo > My Profile

4. Upon getting the Resident Pass scanned, will the barrier gate be opened automatically?

No, the barrier gate will not be opened automatically because the Resident Pass feature is not integrated with the barrier gate.

However, i-Neighbour provides Smart LPR - Car Plate Recognition System, which is integrated with the barrier gates. Smart LPR scans resident's car plate number and opens the barrier gate automatically if the number is registered in the system.

5. Will the in-out record of residents with the Resident Pass be saved?

The records of residents' in-out activities are saved and can only be viewed the management (system admin).

6. How do the security guards scan the Resident Pass?

Like the visitors' QR code, security guards scan the Resident Pass with the built-in QR Code Scanner in i-Neighbour Mobile App.

7. Can Resident Pass replace the existing access card system?

Yes, Resident Pass will replace the commercial access card system, soon in the future. A external QR Code Scanner will be placed at the entrance, so that residents can get their Resident Pass scanned to enter the community.

8. If a resident does not pay maintenance fee, can the management bar him from entering the community, using Resident Pass?

Management can update the Occupancy Status of the particular unit to "Non-Member" in Manage Unit module. After the occupancy status has been changed to Non-Member, the resident will not be able to login to i-Neighbour Mobile App as a resident. Hence, there is no Resident Pass in his account.

9. Can the residents share Resident Pass with their visitors?

Yes, the residents can share the Resident Pass with their visitors and it is totally out of the system's control. So, the security guards are playing a very important role to keep the community safe. While scanning the Resident Pass, the security guard should check and verify the resident's identity.

10. With my Resident Pass, can I access to another communitys that are also using i-Neighbour App?

No, you can only accessed to your own community. You are required to register as a visitor to enter another community.

1. Can residents share/reply to any ideas in announcement?

No, you can't. Announcement is a one way communication from management to residents only.

2. Can residents delete outdated announcements?

No. All announcements will be kept for record purposes but if the management thought that some announcements were not relevant anymore, the management could delete the announcement and it would disappear from the residents’ view.

3. Can residents post an announcement?

No. Only the management or system admin can do it.

4. Knowing that only management can post announcement, can the residents do it if it is something very important.

No, the residents still do not have the rights to publish an announcement. However, the residents can inform the management and the management will evaluate the necessity of that information. The residents can find the management office contact number in the page of Emergency Contacts, on i-Neighbour App.

5. If the residents want to promote their products or services, could they request the management to post it as an announcement?

No. Announcement is for matters related to the community's issues only, but the residents can post their product and services in the "Yard Sale" segment of the app (under development now) for all the residents to view and take interest in.

6. Who can view the announcements posted by the management?

This varies depending on the publisher of each announcement as they get to choose which category of recipient is given permission to view the announcement. While it's compulsory to select Admins, they can choose whether to include residents, committee and security guards

7. Can the management publish an announcement to only certain residents?

At the moment it's not possible. In the future, messaging feature will be added to the i-Neighbour App. With the messaging feature, the management can send private messages to specific residents.

8. How long do the announcements last in the apps?

All the announcements inside iNeighbour apps will remain until iNeighbour admin (Management Office) removed it.

 Panic Button   User Guide
1. Why panic button does not work?

You have to "long press" it to trigger its function.

2. Why do you impose a "long press" rule for a panic button?

To not let the panic button be easily triggered unintentionally like when your children play with your phone, any pocket calling or you click it by accident.

3. What if I want to test if my Panic button is working?

We have a "testing mode" for panic button, in this "testing mode" only your emergency contact will receive a notification saying that you are "testing" the panic button. The security guard and the management will not receive any notification at all

4. Can I upload photos in emergency?

Yes you can. When the panic button is triggered, it will automatically take four pictures that will be uploaded to the cloud server for future investigation purpose.

5. Does anyone get notify when I trigger my panic button?

Yes, your emergency contacts, the security guards and the management will receive alert notification when you trigger your panic button.

6. I want to attract attention when I need help, how do i do that?

By triggering the panic button, there are flash and sound options to attract attention. You can turn it on when the panic button is triggered.

7. What if I accidentally triggered my panic button?

Don't worry, after the "long press", you still have 3 seconds to cancel your panic button call.

8. Why does it need to track my location?

To show where you are in the community, because sometimes you need help in a public facility/area. By having location, security guards do not have to rush to your house and find out that you are not there.

9. What will my emergency contact receive when I trigger the panic button?

Your emergency contact will receive alert notification, the 4 pictures taken from your phone, current location and contact details.

10. What is an alert notification?

An alert notification is a feature that even when your emergency contacts silent their phone, it will ring too! This is because when your loved ones are in danger, nothing is more important than them.

11. What if there's no Internet when I’m triggering it?

The system will automatically open up your message page to let you send SMS to all your emergency contacts.

12. What happen if I press the panic button?

The tablet at the security guard house will be triggered, all the emergency details will be showed as below:

  • Unit number
  • Emergency type
  • 4 Photos

For more information on how to use the panic button, refer to this link:

 Emergency Contact
1. How many emergency contacts can I add?

Currently, you can add unlimited emergency contacts to your account. But we recommend not to add more than 10 contacts.

2. Who will automatically be my emergency contacts?

The system by default will set your community security guard and the management as your emergency contacts. You have to add your family members, neighbours and friends manually.

3. How do I add my neighbour/friend to be my emergency contacts?

From the emergency contact tab, click add new emergency contact. After that you have to send them a link to invite them as your emergency contact.

4. What will they receive as my emergency contacts?

Your emergency contact will receive an alert notification, four photos that taken from your phone during emergency, current location and contact details.

5. Why some of my neighbour/friend statuses are still "pending"?

After you invited them as your emergency contact, they will have to click accept and agree to become your emergency contact. Only then, the system will show that it has been added successfully

6. Can I delete my neighbour/friend whom I’ve assigned as emergency contacts?

Yes you can, you can add or delete your emergency contacts anytime you want.

7. What if there's no Internet, what will my emergency contact receive?

The system will automatically open up your message page to let you send SMS for all your emergency contacts.

 Maintenance Fee Payment
1. Why is this feature not available on my App?

It is because your management have not opened up this feature to all yet. If you think this feature is important, please buzz your management to let them know you need this feature.

2. Would it cause any extra costs to use this feature?

No. i-Neighbour provides this platform with no additional charge at all. But your management have to have a discussion with us on how to implement it in your community.

3. Is it secure to pay through i-Neighbour?

Absolutely! We are only providing the platform to ease the process of you paying maintenance fees. You are actually paying through the payment gateway that your management sign up with.

4. What are the benefits of using this feature?

You do not have to go to the management office to make payments, you can now pay your maintenance fees anytime and from anywhere.

5. Can I pay in advance?

Yes you can, you can pay any amount you want.

6. Will I get the payment receipt/invoice right away?

If your management is using the accounting system that can be integrated with i-Neighbour, then you will receive the receipt/invoice immediately.

7. If I forgot to pay my maintenance, will i-Neighbour send me reminder?

Yes, but only if your management is using the accounting system that can be integrated with i-Neighbour.

8. Other than maintenance fee, what else can I pay with this feature?

You can pay for facility deposit or renovation retainer too!

9. I pay the maintenance by cheque, but the status is still unpaid, what should I do?

Tell your management to update the status.

1. How do I cast a vote?

Click into the poll, after reading the questions, select your feedback, it's as easy as that.

2. Can this E-polling replace AGM?

No. The important matters will still need the AGM to decide, e-polling is just a place for the management to gather information / feedback from the community.

3. How do I see the final result?

At the end of the polling date, you can have a full view of the polling result.

4. Can I change my vote?

No. You can only vote one time. Please cast your vote wisely.

5. Am I casting my vote anonymously?

Yes, all votes are casted anonymously.

6. Why I can see the vote but my family members can't?

Because the management have set that the poll could only be seen by the house owners only.

7. Why is the poll not successful even though one of the options clearly got the majority votes?

This is because the poll did not reach the expected number of votes to make it valid.

 Committee Listing
1. Who are the committees?

The committees are the Resident Association chosen by your community in the AGM.

2. Can I see their designations?

Yes you can.

3. Can I know when the current committee members' term end?

Yes you can.

4. Can I check the previous committee members listing?

Yes, as long that your management have updated the information, you will have access to the current and previous committee member listing.

1. Who can use the intercom?

Everyone in the community can use the intercom feature, but it is designed mainly for security guard use.

2. Is video calling available?

We are currently developing this feature. It will be available in the near future, please stay tuned.

 InfoZone (Contacts)
1. Who update the contacts for me?

The management is responsible for that.

2. Why are these contacts important to me?

The management are sharing these contacts for your reference only.

3. How can I contact them?

You can directly hit the call button on the contact list.

4. What if I want to add some contacts for the community?

Please share the contacts with your management, they will evaluate and decide whether to share it with the community.

 InfoZone (Documents)
1. Who can update the documents?

The management.

2. How can I view the documents?

Through your mobile phone or your PC.

3. Can I download the documents to my phone?

Yes you can!

4. What if I want to add some important documents for the community?

Please share the documents with your management, they will evaluate and decide to share among the community.

 i-Neighbour Support
1. What kind of support does i-Neighbour provide?

In i-Neighbour, we provide 24/7 support. You can write us an email, live chat with us, or contact our partner who knows your situation/environment better.

2. Can I contact i-Neighbour's partner instead of i-Neighbour's team?

Yes you can! They are more than happy to help!

3. What if the system down?

Our system guarantees at least 98% uptime. If an unforeseen situation happens, you can always refer to our SLA.

4. How can I send feedback?

We have a feedback option for you to tell us what's on your mind! You can find it in "about" tab under your profile.

5. I don't know how to use some of the features, who should I contact?

We have a user guide in "about" tab under your profile. But in case you really don't understand the system, you may ask your management to help.

6. How can I rate the i-Neighbour App?

Please rate us on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can find "rate us" button under "about" tab too!

7. Besides live chat and email, what other methods can I use to contact i-Neighbour Support?

You may contact us via Skype and phone call.
Office Telephone No : 603-8070 9933 during operation hours (0900-1800, Malaysia Time).

 i-Neighbour Partner
1. Do you have APIs that you can provide us with ?

Yes, we do have APIs.
For more information, please click

2. Is the integration with 3rd parties is avilable?

Yes, Integration is possible.

3. Is the integration with Devices is avilable ( access control , CCTV ,…etc )?

For CCTV, any IP Camera that support Onvif is able to integrate with our solutions. For access control, we have integrated with FingerTec Brand, any new integration we have to evaluate the system before giving you a confirm answer.

4. Is your application is cloud base /Desktop app / client server?

Our application is purely Cloud based.

5. What are the pricing strategy models that you have ?

Currently application pricing is USD 2 per house/month, other IoT Hardware will have it’s own pricing. (we need to know the types and volume of IoT you are planning to install)

6. what is your cloud provider ?

We are using Amazon AWS.

7. what is the support model that you provide?

We provide Tier 1 local support by our distributor, tier 2 support by our 24/7 support centre in Malaysia.

8. What is the SLA models that you work with ?

You may refer to our SLA documents:

9. Do you have a partner enbalement sessions , if yes what kind of enbalement you provide ?

You may refer to our global reseller program:, any further questions or request may contact us anytime.