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iNeighbour Resident App

Smart Residential Community
What Sets Us Apart
30+ features in one single app.
In Control
Advanced settings that control all aspects of the app.
Module Highlights
Home Management
Resident QR Code
Resident identity QR Code for quick security verification.
Multiple Unit
Manage all different residences under iNeighbour App.
Keep updated and informed with our notification system.
Visitor overview to keep track of your visitor activity.
Manage your tenant with iNeighbour App.
Family Member
Manage your family with iNeighbour App.
Emergency Contact
Automatically alert your family members and close friends in case of an emergency.
Resident Features
Make payments on maintenance fees, security fees, etc.
Visitor Invitation
Pre-register or invite visitors into the community.
Facility Booking
Book facilities within the community.
Feedback/ Inquiry
Feedback or report any incidents that occurred within the community.
My Calendar
Be reminded of your upcoming activities in the community with our calendar.
Upload documents such as application forms, house rules, etc for the community to download.
Submit community forms digitally.
Conduct simple surveys and collect votes from administrators, committee members and residents.
Keep management contact and general contact information updated with the click of a button.
Manage Events
Organize or arrange any particular events that will be taking place in the community.
General notice board for the community.
Start a discussion with residents to raise concerns or create awareness.
Panic Button
Send an alert to security guards and emergency contact for immediate assistance.
Neighbourhood Information & Security
Mobile Intercom
Cost-effective voice call system.
Access Control
Access Door, Barrier Gate, Lift and Turnstile with iNeighbour App.
Live view/stream the community's CCTV
Community Profile
All community and management information are under one platform.
Short Stay
Manage short-stay guests’ visits and parking using QR codes.
Committee Listing
A committee chart that shows the structure of your committee.
Security Guard Listing
Security contact information for quick emergency calls.
Connects neighbourhood merchants with the community.
Register contractors and generate temporary QR pass to track their check in/out activity.
Multiunit Registration
Register visitors for multiple units, ideally for cleaners, contractors and etc.

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