Visitor Management System

Manage your visitor & security on one platform
What Sets Us Apart
Greater Security
Detailed control over the settings for greater security.
20 Sec Check-in
20-second to register a visitor.
Guardhouse Tablet Panel
OCR helps to fill up visitor details by just taking a photo of the visitor's ID/ Driving License/ Vocational License/ Passport.
Mobile Intercom
Residents can pick up calls from guards directly with their mobile phones.
Auto Check In-Out Barrier Gate
Automatic barrier gate that only opens for registered visitors.
Notable Feature
Pre-Register Visitors
Visitors can pre-register themselves for quick check-in.
Visitor QR Code
The QR Code can be used for visitor check-in/out and access control.
Visitor Access
Manage the access control of visitors around the community.
Blacklist Visitors
Block suspicious visitors that cite random unit numbers.
Purpose of Visit
Send invitations to friends and family, contractors, delivery and more.
Instant Notification
Residents will receive notifications upon visitors' check-in/ out.

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