TimeTec Smart Turnstile
Smart Access via Smartphone
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When TimeTec BLE-2 Smart Turnstile System is integrated into i-Neighbour, it can enhance the normally loose community entry and exit access control system into a well-monitored and fully integrated system. Embed TimeTec BLE-2 Smart Turnstile System in the turnstile system at the entry and exit point, and integrate it with i-Neighbour to access via Bluetooth technology through a smartphone App, and get all the acess activities in real time for transparency and extra security. The i-Neighbour’s Resident Module and Visitor Management Module put the setting, managing and monitoring the vehicles' access activity at ease. And best of all, the key to access the turnstile is your voice!
( Bring Your Own Device )
No need to carry additional card around, your credential is your smartphone
Fast & Convenience
Breezy access with Bluetooth Low Energy technology
Exclusive & Secure
Your credential is yours only, no manipulation or exchange of account permissible
Offline Verification
No internet connection is not an issue and all transactions data are intact in the App

Low Implementation Cost
Tap on the existing RFID turnstile system and embrace BYOD concept for eco-friendly environment
Easy Management
Deal with staff turnover and staff exchange easily through TimeTec Security
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