Smart Barrier
Access with Smart Phone
Access with UHF Credentials
Anti-Torn Sticker
UHF Card
Heavy Duty UHF Tag
Access with Number Plate
Smart Barrier Comparison
Smart Phone
UHF Credentials
Number Plate
MODEL BLE-2 Smart Access BLE-2 Long Range Smart LPR
Initial Investment
Low Medium High
Maintenance Cost
Low High with Card Issuance Low
Smart Phone Anti-Torn Sticker/UHF Card/
Heavy Duty UHF Tag
Car Plate Number
Bluetooth 4.2 RFID OCR
Monitoring Monitoring Monitoring & Reading
Camera Spec
General General Higher End
User Experience
Good Good Good
Access Range
Max 10 m (Adjustable) 12 m 1.2 m
Tinted Glass Interference
Yes, depends on film type Yes/No
Depends on UHF type
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i-Neighbour integrated i-Neighbour integrated i-Neighbour integrated