Barreira inteligente

i-Neighbour provides 3 types of Smart Barrier Solutions to control residents' and visitors’ vehicles flow. For visitor lane, i-Neighbour Smart Barrier System can be enhanced by the following security and automation options respectively.

1. Security Option: Capture Vehicle Image

Install or integrate your existing IP Camera to start capturing the visitor's vehicle image.
Now with i-Neighbour VMS module, unit owners will not only receive the image and particulars of the visitors from the guardhouse panel (OCR Embedded) via scanning the visitor’s identity card/driver’s license/passport, but they can likewise receive the vehicle image as well for remark in terms of the visitation.
If required, the Management can also easily track the visitor records along with the vehicle image from i-Neighbour Admin Cloud Portal.
2. Automation Option: Automate Barrier Access

Install and integrate TimeTec BLE-2 within your barrier gate access control system for an automated access.
By simply tapping on the Checked-In Button in i-Vizit Guardhouse Panel whenever the visitation has been approved, TimeTec BLE-2 will thus automate the uplifting of the barrier gate to allow access for the visitors.
3 Smart Barrier Options:
1. Acesso com Smart Phone
2. Acesso com credenciais UHF
Etiqueta Anti-Torn
Cartão UHF
Etiqueta UHF Heavy Duty
3. Acesso com placa de identificação
Comparação Smart Barrier
Credenciais UHF
Número da placa
MODELO Acesso Inteligente BLE-2 Long Range UHF Smart LPR
Investimento inicial
Baixo Médio Alto
Custo de manutenção
Baixo Alto com a emissão do cartão Baixo
Smartphone Anti-Torn Sticker / UHF Card /
Etiqueta UHF Heavy Duty
Número da placa do carro
Bluetooth 4.2 RFID OCR
Monitoramento Monitoramento Monitoramento e Leitura
Especificações da câmera
Geral Geral Maior final
Experiência de usuário
Boa Boa Boa
Alcance de acesso
Máximo 10 m (Ajustável) 12 m 1.2 m
Interferência de vidros coloridos
Sim, depende do tipo de filme Sim não
Depende do tipo UHF
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