Admin Guide -
Committee Members
The ‘Committee Members’ feature in i-Neighbour is a simple grouping mechanism that allows Admin to create a Committee Board and then assign residents as the committee members. It is also mainly intended for your neighbourhood’s Management committee or Residents’ Association that have been elected at the annual general meeting (AGM).

We’ve gathered some general information and prepared a short guide below on how you can use this feature:
By adding this into the system, the committee member role can then serve the following functions:

1  Share List of Appointed Committee Members for Reference
  • In the mobile app’s Neighbourhood Profile, a list of all Committee Members will be displayed to residents for their information (Admin has option whether to display contact details)
  • On the web, the same list will be displayed at Neighbourhood > Committee Members.
2  Committee Member as Emergency Contact Person
  • Through i-Neighbour Web Portal, Admin is able to appoint Committee Members as Emergency Contact Person.
  • Appointed Committee Members will then receive Panic Alarm Alert whenever residents trigger the Panic Alarm. This helps to alert the Committee Members and allow them to respond immediately.
  • As for residents, they are now able to view the list of Committee Members who have been assigned as Emergency Contact Person through the Committee Members module.
3 Selective Option for Announcement & E-Polling
  • In the Announcement module, Admin can post announcements (festival greeting, water/electricity disruption notices and etc.) that will only be viewed by the selected category of recipients. Categories offered include committee, security guards and residents so if you have notices that only need to go out to council members, you can pick them as your recipient.
  • Meanwhile, the E-Polling feature is used to help Admins conduct simple surveys and collect votes from administrators, committee members and residents without having to call up for an actual meeting. During configuration, you also get to select the category of participants for that particular poll so that only these people are invited to cast their votes.
General Information
1  Only Admin account can add, edit and delete Committee Board and Committee Members. All Admins also have equal rights to make changes. If you have added a committee member, it is possible for another Admin to edit or delete the entry.
2  Admin can only add, edit or delete committee by using the web application. The mobile app is just meant for users to view the information.
3 There is no special Committee Member account. The role does not come with additional access rights in the system and there are no extra features in their account compared with normal resident account. The only notable difference is the alerts and notifications that are directed to committee members.
Process: Add Committee Board and Committee Members
1. Login to Admin account > Neighbourhood > Committee Members
2. Click the button to ‘Create Board’ > Key in board name & service duration > Save.

3. Click Open > ‘Add Committee’ to add committee member.

4. Select the details of the committee member (Street/Block Name, Unit, Resident’s Name, Position in the committee and Service Duration) > Enable/disable the buttons for displaying contact details & designating emergency contact > Create.
a. Only active residents who have activated their i-Neighbour account can be added as a committee member. Also, the active resident must have the Owner/Family role. Residents who are Master Tenant or Tenant may not be added into the committee.

b. Turn on the toggle button for ‘Allow residents to view personal details’ if you want to allow residents to view Unit No. and Mobile No. of the committee member. You can switch this off any time to disable the sharing of details.

c. Turn on the toggle button for ‘Add as Emergency Contact’ if you want this committee member to receive S.O.S. alert triggered by residents. You can switch this off any time to remove the member from residents’ emergency contact list.
5. To view details of the committee member, click View. You can also Edit or Delete the entry.
a. Details for this committee member can be edited or deleted by any Admin and not just the original creator.
Residents’ View
The Committee Members that you have added can be viewed by Residents at the following pages:
a  Committee Members Module (Web)

b  Committees (Mobile app)
c  Emergency Contacts (Mobile app)
Admin FAQ
1. Who are the committees?

The committees are the Management Committee or Resident Association chosen by your neighbourhood in the AGM.

2. Can I see their designations?

Yes you can.

3. Can everyone see when the current committee members' term end?

Yes they can.

4. Can I not display every committee member’s address and phone number?

Yes, you can choose not to display either some or all of the committee members’ address and phone number in the system.

5. Can residents still check the previous committee members listing?

Yes, as long as you and other Admins have not deleted the information, residents will still have access to the current and previous committee member listing.

6. Why do I need to add the relevant residents as Committee Members in the system?

If you assign Committee Members in the system, they can be systematically added as emergency contact for residents. You can also centralise and easily share their contact details with others in the community. On top of that, for other functions such as Announcement and E-Polling, there is option whereby you can select committee as a category for recipient/participant.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.