Admin Guide – E-Documents
The E-Info module in your i-Neighbour account consists of 3 segments, namely Announcements, Contacts and E-Documents. Together, they serve as a neighbourhood bulletin board and the main channel for management to share various kinds of information with residents and others in the community.
Function & Purpose
Announcements – Notification will be sent to recipients whenever the Management posts an announcement (festival greeting, water/electricity disruption notices and etc.). Images and documents can also be attached to each announcement for recipient’s download.
Contacts – Users can access to important contacts such as nearby police station number, plumbing contact, vendors contact, and etc., provided by the Management.
E-Documents – Users can view and download documents that have been uploaded by the Management, such as application forms, house rules and etc.

You can find Admin Guides for the Announcement & Contacts features here. Please refer to below for a short guide on how Admins can configure E-Documents in their account.
1. Login to Admin Account > Neighbourhood > E-Info > E-Documents
a. Admin can only add, edit or delete E-Documents by using the web application. The mobile app is just meant for users to view and download the documents.

b. Once a document is added and shared, all residents, security guards and Admins will be able to access the document on both web application and mobile app. It is not possible to publish the document only to selected users.

c. If you have multiple documents, you need to upload the files (click Add New Document and submit form) one at a time.
2. Click Add > New Document to upload a new Document.

3. Click “Browse” to upload your file (otherwise you can also click “Attach Link”) > Let the toggle button for ‘Enable to share document’ remain as switched on if you want to share this document with all guards and residents > Create.

a. File supported: Only .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .png, .pneg, .jpg, .jpeg, .mov, .mp4 files are allowed.

b. Maximum file to upload size allowed is 20 MB.

c. You can only choose one option between “Upload File” and “Attach Link”. When you edit or update either option, the previous uploaded setting will be overwritten.
4. To View, click View button on the posted document. You can also Download, Edit or Delete the document.
a. This document can be edited or deleted by any Admin and not just the original poster
a  View

b  Edit

c  Delete

5. To organise documents by using folders, firstly you have to create the folder. Click Add > New Folder > Name the folder > Create.

6. Next, to add documents, go to the chosen document, click Edit. Select the relevant folder from a drop down list > Save. Your document will be assigned to the selected folder.

7. Now, as shown below, you can see that on the top left corner of the folder, number of documents is increased by 1. Click on the name of the folder to view content.

8. Lastly, please note that if you wish to deactivate a particular folder, you can click on the green “Active” icon above its name. Once deactivated, this folder will be hidden and users will not be able to view in their documents list.

If you only need to stop sharing one individual documents within a folder, click Edit > Turn off the toggle button for ‘Enable to share document’ > Save.

a  Deactivate documents for an entire folder

b  Deactivate one document within a folder

Admin View (All Admins)  

Resident View  

9. After the documents are uploaded and shared, all residents, security guards and Admins will be able to view and download the document on both web application and mobile app.

a   Resident View on mobile app

b  Admin Login and Security Guard Login

Admin Login

Security Guard Login
c  Resident View on web application

Admin FAQ
1. Who can update the documents?

All Admin accounts will be able to add Documents or delete them. Once added, the Document can also be edited or deleted by any Admin and not just the original poster.

2. Who can view the Documents posted by the management?

All admins, residents and security guards are given permission to view the Documents posted by the management. It is not possible to publish the documents only to selected users.

3. Can I add or delete the Document through i-Neighbour mobile app?

No, you can’t add, edit or delete documents by using the mobile app. It’s only designed for users to view and download the document.

4. How can residents view the documents?

They can view and download the document through both their mobile phone and PC.

5. What if a resident wants to add some important documents for the community?

You can ask them to submit the documents to the management office, for you to evaluate and decide whether to share it with the neighbourhood.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.