Admin Guide -
Manage Admin/System Role
One of the most basic elements of security is access management and for this, we have the Manage Admin module in i-Neighbour, designed to help you control the access rights granted to authorised users. By default, the highest authority is the Master Admin (System Administrator) and the account creator is always given this privilege upon registration. You can then create new Admins who will help with managing the account and in the process, assign them to a System role that is customised with restricted access to system settings.

We’ve prepared an Admin Guide for this but before we start, please note that this feature is only available on the web application and is not applicable at all for normal Residents/Guards.
General Information
1. There are mainly two types of System Role available; Default and Customised:

a  Default role - Full Access Administrator
  • Created by system’s default settings
  • Automatically assigned to the Master Admin
  • For System Administrator who have full access rights
  • Can be assigned to more than one Admin
b  Customised roles- Other System/Admin roles
  • Refers to all roles manually added by user at the System Role tab
  • You can create any number of System/Admin roles. Each role can be assigned to more than one person
  • For each role, select whether to provide the View and Edit rights for modules within the system
  • By having different roles, you are able to assign select access rights to select personnel. For example, you can create an Account Executive role that has access to only E-Billing while restricted from all other modules (e.g. Visitor, Security and etc.)

2. Overall, there are 3 steps in the whole process:

a   Creating a New System Role
b  Assigning the System Role to Admin
c  Appointment/Transfer of Master Admin

Please refer to sections below for a detailed guide on each step of the process.

A. Creating a New System Role
1. Go to Neighbourhood > Manage Admin > System Role tab (second tab) > Add.
a. By default, a ‘Full Access Administrator’ role is already created in the system and this has been automatically assigned to the Master Admin. Thus, this default role may not be edited or deleted.

2. Name the System Role, for example ‘Management Office- Account Executive’ and describe the System Role for easy reference.
3. Accessible Module Rights > Click on “Full Module” that grants complete access to all the available modules in i-Neighbour, or click on “Partial Module” for selected modules and to limit the Viewing and Editing authority. Choose and click accordingly based on the rights assigned to this System Role.

In this example, we turn off the Edit toggle button in all the tabs except for E-Billing so that the user may only view but will not able make changes.

4. Press Submit, go to Manage Admin tab (first tab) to add a personnel to the Admin list.
B. Assigning the System Role to Admin
1. Next, assign the newly set up System role to an Admin while adding the Admin into the system. To add an Admin, switch to the first tab, Manage Admin > Click on Add.

2. In the pop-up window, add the details of the person you wish to assign as Admin and select the System Role > Choose whether to ‘Add as Emergency Contact’ > Save.

a. You can add anyone as Admin but there must be a valid email address. This is because the system will send out activation emails for verification. If you are adding a Resident and they have already activated their resident account, they will still receive and must click on the activation link.

b. The default System Role is ‘Full Access Administrator’ if users do not create any System Roles.

c. Enable the option for ‘Add as Emergency Contact’ if you want the Admin to be alerted whenever the residents trigger the Panic Button via i-Neighbour Mobile App during an emergency.
3. After the account is activated, the Admin in our example will only be able to edit certain modules based on the assigned System Role.
4. Here is another example where both View & Edit is switched off for certain modules so the user will not find the respective modules in the Menu.
C. Appointment/Transfer of Master Admin
1. First, let’s review the basics of the Master Admin feature: >
  • During registration, the account creator will be appointed as Master Admin
  • If you need to change the Master Admin, there is an option at the Manage Admin page to transfer the status to another person. This transfer can only be initiated by the current Master Admin
  • For System Administrator who have full access rights
  • Only one Master Admin is allowed to be appointed at a time
2. To change the Master Admin, go to Manage Admin > ‘Change Master Admin’.
3. You will be presented with a list of all the other Admins that you can appoint as the Master. Pick one and click ‘Assign as Master Admin’ > Proceed. Please note that once the transfer is complete, you will still remain to be an ordinary Administrator and your access rights will be based on your system role settings.

Admin FAQ
1. What is Manage Admin?

The Manage Admin module in i-Neighbour is used to help you manage access rights for authorised users. With this feature, you can add any person into the account as Admin and provide them with a restricted set of access rights to all system settings. This set of access rights is contained within what we will refer to as a System role, which you must also create before actually adding the Admin.

2. Who can create the System Role and add Admin?

Any Admin with the right to edit the ‘Manage Admin’ module can do that. At the minimum, that includes the Master Admin but apart from that, it really depends on how you configure each Admin’s system role settings.

3. How many Admin can I assign?

You can add as many Admin as required. You can also create as many system roles as necessary to accommodate different users who may have different rights and responsibilities.

4. Who can I assign as Admin?

You can assign anyone as Admin as long as they have a valid email address. The Admin role is usually given to the building management office, property manager, executives and management committee/RA members.

5. Can Admin use both the mobile app and web application?

Yes, as an Admin, you can log in to both the web application and mobile app. However, depending on which module, some features and settings are only available on the web application while the rest are available on both platforms. For instance, this Manage Admin module is only available on the web application so don’t go looking for it in the mobile app.

6. What is Master Admin and can I change the appointed person?

Master Admin is a single user provided with the highest authority and full access rights in the account. If you sign up your neighbourhood with i-Neighbour, you will automatically be the Master Admin of the system thus allowing you to edit your information. Only one Master Admin is allowed to be appointed at a time but you can easily change that to another user on Manage Admin page.

7. What happens if I change Master Admin?

Firstly, only the existing Master Admin can choose to transfer the role to another Admin. Once you do so, you will lose the access and rights of the Master Admin. However, you will still remain to be an ordinary Admin and your access rights will be based on your system role settings.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.