i-Neighbour Benefits
Eliminate Traditional Pen & Log Book
No pen, no log book, no hand-written information, no carbon copies, no tear-off pass. All visitation details digitalized, and stored in reliable cloud server.
Integrated System for Multi-Role
i-Neighbour is specially designed for multi-role, i.e. unit owner, residents, tenants, tenant admin, community admin (resident's association), visitors and resellers (distributor/dealer). Each role will have different access rights to their account, owners can be sure that privacy is always prioritized and protected in i-Neighbour.
Analyzed Reports for Better Management
All data gathered from each visitation will be used to generate useful reports for the sake of better management. Resident's association or Management Company can fully utilize the analyzed reports to arrange their security force.
Safe and Protected Premises
With all visitations automated, supervised and kept on i-Neighbour, a cloud-based residential management system, you can add value to your property for being a safe and protected premise.
Total Cloud-based Online System, No Download or Upgrade Required
Being a 100% cloud-based system, users can access to i-Neighbour easily via the Internet without needing to download the system to their computers. The system will be all-time-updated, and users do not need to purchase any latest version or worry that the software will be outdated without an upgrade.
Mobile Apps for Easy Access
Time is precious; to make things easy we have prepared i-Neighbour mobile applications for i-Neighbour users in both iOS and Android versions. Visitors and visitees can manage the pre-registrations via simple clicks online.
Streamlined Check In / Check Out Process
Smooth operation while having large turn over of visitors. i-Neighbour will cut down the time to register your visitor and subsequent visitor sign in and out.