TimeTec Autogate BLE-3 Demo Kit
We encourage reseller to purchase Demo Kit because we believe sales always follows BETTER product presentation.
(For Reseller only)

Reseller Program
Demo Kit
To perform a demo with the demo kit and your iNeighbour, you must first setup a demo account by yourself. Inside the demo account, you must have at least one System Admin (you must login as System Admin to configure the system) and few resident accounts (you can sign in to the mobile app as a Resident). After everything is setup inside the iNeighbour account, follow steps below to add in the BLE 3 – TimeTec Autogate demo kit.
Step 1
To add in the BLE 3 TimeTec Autogate demo kit into your account.
Select IOT > TimeTec Autogate. Select the building to control access (for example BA, building A) from the list. Select Manage > TimeTec Autogate.

Step 2
Fill in the form to add in the BLE 3 – TimeTec Autogate demo kit. Insert the serial number of BLE 3 (attached to the unit) and select type as TimeTec BLE-3. Name the autogate accordingly and select as Entry Access. Select the date of purchase and save settings.

Step 3
Select one unit to assign with vehicle access right. Return to the Vehicle Access Pass page (IOT > Vehicle Access Pass) to select unit to assign with access right. Select by the unit by block/street.

Step 4
Select the unit and click Edit.
Take note, you must select the unit, which you can sign in to mobile app as Resident to see the effect. Select the unit wisely.

Step 5
Complete the information and activate TimeTec BLE – 3.
You shall insert the vehicle registration number and parking lot ID. Ignore the Access Card and UHF Sticker No, as you are not using them for demo.
After you selected TimeTec BLE – 3, system display Mobile App User column. Select the resident to allow to use iNeighbour app to unlock autogate. You shall login to iNeighbour app as this resident to see the effect.

Step 6
Sign in to iNeighbour app
After you finished with the web setup, login to your mobile app to start to use. Tap at the unlock ico