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i-Neighbour Smart Community App offers the Best Visitor Management System in Malaysia. It takes only 20-second to register a walk-in visitor, and it provides invitation and pre-registered visitor feature, integrates with IoT devices, barrier gate, mobile access, QR code scanning, make it a user friendly and effective in managing visitors.
1. Speedy Registration Process; Maximum 20-second
i-Neighbour is easy to use and very efficient in registering visitors. According to our existing clients, it takes only 20-second maximum to register a visitor. i-Neighbour's Visitor Management System is speedy with the help of TimeTec Optical Character Recognition (OCR). TimeTec OCR helps to automatically fill up visitor's name and ID No. by taking photos of visitor's ID card.
2. In-App Intercom Feature; Replacing Expensive & High Maintenance Physical Intercom System
i-Neighbour's Visitor Management System comes with FREE In-App Intercom Feature. Calling is done via Guardhouse Panel's SIM card via Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Call, whereby charges might be applied by telco. However, most of the telco companies in Malaysia are offering unlimited free calls with 4G data. Most importantly, this In-App Intercom Feature DOES NOT require initial installation and maintenance at all!, unlike physical Intercom System.
3. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Quicker & More Accurate Visitor Information Registration
OCR helps to fill up visitor's name and ID no. By taking a photo of the visitor's ID. This helps to speed up the registration process as well as making sure that visitor information is captured accurately without human error. i-Neighbour Visitor Management System's OCR is currently compatible with passport, driving license and IC of country: Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Mexico and more to come. If you country is not listed here, kindly contact us via info@i-neighbour.com, so that our R&D Team can develop for you for FREE.
4. Visitor Analysis and Statistic Reports
Analysed Visitor Reports are available in i-Neighbour's Web Portal. Management office is able to generate the report at anytime and anywhere by logging into their account on i-Neighbour website. i-Neighbour is a cloud solution, hence management office is not required to go the guardhouse in order to generate visitor report. On top that, visitors in-out records will be saved securely in the cloud server. No storage limit!
5. Supports Multiple Guardhouses with Synchronizes Visitor Records
If your housing project has multiple guardhouses, then i-Neighbour's Visitor Management System is the best solution. All you need to do is placing i-Neighbour Guardhouse Panel at each of the guardhouses or security checkpoints. All Guardhouse Panels are synchronised with each other. In other words, a visitor can come in to the neighbourhood via Guardhouse A, and he is free to exit the neighbourhood via any guardhouses. All guardhouses or security checkpoints will be able to retrieve visitors in-out records.
6. Visitor Check In-Out Notification
When a visitor is checked in or out of the neighbourhood, the respective house owner / family member / tenant will be receiving a notification on i-Neighbour App in their smartphone. This feature provides another security layer whereby it prevents strangers from entering the neighbourhood by just sampling giving a house number. If the resident does not know the checked-in, he or she may call the guardhouse for verification.
7. Blacklist Menace
i-Neighbour's Visitor Management System helps to filter visitors and prevent blacklisted visitors from entering the neighbourhood. Before a visitor is checked-in, system will check on visitor's Name, ID No. And Vehicle No.. If any of these information has been marked as blacklisted, the visitor will not be allowed to check-in to the neighbourhood. On top of that, the security guard will be prompted that the visitor has been blacklisted by the management.

8. FREE Training Session Provided for Security Guards
One (1) training session will be provided to the security guards in each of new project.
9. Residents Send QR Code to Visitors to Speed Up Registration Process
There are three (3) ways of registration methods in i-Neighbour, namely Walk-In Registration, Invitation and Pre-Registration.

Walk-In Visitor
i-Neighbour Walk-In Registration is on-the-spot visitor registration done by the security guards.

Invite Visitor
Residents can invite their visitors by sending a link to them via any social media App such as WhatsApp, Facebook and etc.. Visitors are required to fill up their information before getting the QR Code. QR Code acts as a quick verification pass. Upon scanning the QR Code at the guardhouse, security guard is able to retrieve the visitor's information for verification before checking-in the visitor.

Pre-Register Visitors
Visitors can pre-register themselves to visit their friends whose neighbourhood is using i-Neighbour to manage its visitors. Upon resident's approval, the visitor will be provided a QR Code. Either residents or visitors are allowed to reschedule their visit appointments through i-Neighbour.