Smartphone, a Smarter Door Access Credential for Smart Community
Smartphone, a Smarter Door Access Credential for Smart Community
Combination of TimeTec BLE-2 controller and i-Neighbour/Smart Security App presents communities with a smarter credential for access solution in terms of lobby access, facility rooms access and entry to the common areas.
The Existing Access Credential vs. Smartphone Credential
Main Problem
a. Shareable because it can be remembered and written down, and if this happens in access control, the control is lost.
a.Nobody shares their smartphone, especially when accessing a space because the information trail can be audited.
RFID card
Main Problem
a. Majority of residents hesitate to carry their cards and prefer password as practicality goes.
b. Frequent card lost and the cost of producing the cards.
c. Illegal card duplication is rampant.
a. Everybody carries their smartphone everywhere.
b. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept; reducing cost/burden for the management.
c. Smartphone credential doesn't permit duplication of credential.
Main Problem
a. Increased administrative work, i.e. enroll biometrics credential for each resident.
b. Resistance could be high amongst residents.
b. High maintenance for biometrics enrolment and deregistration while moving in and out of the community.
a. Registration of residents’ smartphones is easy.
b. BYOD concept allows for voluntary deployment.
b. Maintenance is centralized, minimal and uncomplicated deregistration.
Other Advantages
Residents can access their own activities’ history.
Low investment for TimeTec BLE-2 Smart Door solution.
The system is easily maintained.
Can operate via standalone or integrate with smart community platform for a single App that does it all.
No vandalism will occur as TimeTec BLE-2 can be installed in a concealed place, i.e. above ceiling or inside enclosure.
4 unlocking methods that bring further convenience.
Let's find out the common concerns in deploying TimeTec BLE-2.
1. There are residents who don’t own a smartphone like the elderly or school kids. How would the system handle these groups?
Don’t worry. We will issue a key fob for those who do not own a smartphone. A key fob is basically a remote control button that acts like a card credential to unlock the doors.
2. Would it be a problem if there is no network coverage within the vicinity?
Not at all because TimeTec BLE-2 Smart Door offers Offline Mode access so long as the Bluetooth connection is turned on.
3. Would I be denied access if my smartphone ran out of battery or I lost my smartphone?
Yes. This is a security concern and you wouldn’t want a person without a legit credential to enter your community. Treat this incident like how you would normally if you lost your keys or access cards. If you have a family member who lives with you, they might be able to help you with your access before you can settle your smartphone problem.