EpiCamera Cloud Surveillance Solution
Monitor your community from the high ground.

EpiCamera is a global service that helps you monitoring your home, your family, and your community by using IP cameras or any off-the-shelf webcams. We strive to provide the best surveillance solution to our users by ensuring our services are simple, affordable and secure.

With EpiCamera, residents can have a peace of mind even when they are not at home because they can always view their precious loved one through EpiCamera web or mobile application as long as there is internet connection. Just connect your IP cameras which support image uploading using FTP with EpiCamera, and we will sort everything out for you.
Secure Storage on Cloud

EpiCamera provides cloud storage services to store the recorded data from your camera securely. Unlike conventional surveillance systems that keep records in DVR, EpiCamera frees you from having to worry about the DVR being tampered with.

Storage of recorded footages in EpiCamera are organized according to camera, time and date for easy playback and viewing. User can store or delete selected footages according to their needs.
Instant Live View

You can live view/live stream your cameras on 1/4/9-camera view, depending on your preference. For a clearer display, it is best to view via a single camera at a time, but in some circumstances, it is crucial to be able to display a few cameras simultaneously. You could choose 4 or 9 camera display grids for concurrent view.
Motion Detection Alerts

EpiCamera helps look after your home sweet home by preventing theft and break ins of your home.

If the connected IP camera comes with motion detection feature, you will receive email alerts (based on your settings) when detected images are uploaded to our servers, you can view and download the images anytime.

EpiCamera Mobile App Available!

Monitor your premises even if you are a jetsetter! EpiCamera mobile version is now available for you to download the application for both Android & iOS now.

Multiple Administrators

EpiCamera enables multiple administrators for each account for different roles (RA committee members) or family members to share the same account and view cameras that they have access rights to.

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