FAQ for TimeTec Smart LPR
License Plate Recognition System
1. Does TimeTec Smart License Plate Recognition (LPR) work with i-Neighbour?

Yes. It works seamlessly with i-Neighbour, where residents just have to register their vehicles’ plate numbers into i-Neighbour to gain automatic access into the community.

2. What types of camera are suitable for TimeTec Smart LPR System? Please specify.

We recommend using at least 5MP resolution and ONVIF compliance IP camera.

3. How does LPR camera know when to view the vehicle's license plate?

To install LPR system, it is a must to have vehicle's detection loop or induction loop. It will trigger the LPR camera to read the vehicle's plate number when the vehicle passing and arriving to a certain point. The induction loop consists of the loop, loop extension cable and a detector. Most boom gate installers are familiar with induction loops. Click here for more info.

4. The scanning and plate verification of the TimeTec Smart LPR is done offline or online?

It is done offline based on the preregistered and preapproved basis to avoid complications and hiccups during operation.

5. Is it safe to adopt offline verification of the plates in TimeTec Smart LPR?

Yes. TimeTec Smart LPR is actually adopting the same mechanism of the existing RFID card access for any barrier gate based on pre-approved basis.

6. If so, why should my community change to TimeTec Smart LPR?

Because TimeTec Smart LPR improves automation. With this system, you will no longer need to scan your card to access barrier gates at the entry and exit points, saving you a lot of time and hassles.

7. Is TimeTec Smart LPR access rate 100%?

TimeTec Smart LPR deploys OCR, Optical Character Recognition Technology that converts images it scanned into text format. The access rate also depends on the external environment such as image quality. For example, if a car plate number is covered with mud and causes readability problem, it will affect the accuracy. In general condition, the access rate of TimeTec Smart LPR is 99% accurate. And TimeTec LPR is built with deep learning technology to improve its accuracy from time to time.

8. What kind of plate numbers that could not get a reading or a good reading from TimeTec LPR?

People are made up of various characters and to some extent, even place their personality into their choice of car plate numbers font. TimeTec LPR can read the standard plate numbers excellently but as for some plate numbers which are adjusted in terms of its aesthetics, poses a great challenge to the LPR system. Below are some of the cases whereby the plate numbers couldn’t be identified by TimeTec LPR.

  When the alphabets are positioned too close to each other
  When a number overlaps the position of the number besides it
  When the alphabets and numbers are all joined closely together

9. If my car plate number cannot be read by TimeTec LPR because of its font, what do you suggest I do?

The easiest way is to change your plate number to the standard size and font number in order to ensure your convenience. In case you are reluctant to do so, you could still use the access card or your smartphone installed with i-Neighbour to access your community’s compound.

10. Will TimeTec LPR continue to improve the recognition rate by reading the unreadable examples showed in Q7?

Yes. TimeTec LPR is just like all of our other products, will definitely continue to improve and refine its optical character recognition capability to its greater extend.

11. Is there any chance that the barrier gate won’t open for my car to pass even though the vehicle is registered in the system? How to solve this problem?

Just like any other card system, the guards need to help open the barrier gate if your credential doesn’t work. For a community that is already using a card system, the card can still be used as a backup.

12. Could preregistered visitors also use the TimeTec Smart LPR for better automation?

No. For security reason, a community’s management is highly discouraged to grant immediate access to visitor cars through TimeTec Smart LPR system. For visitors, the system could be used to capture visitors’ car plate numbers to be kept in the system for further reference or in cases that require forensic investigation

13. Do we need a computer to install TimeTec Smart LPR system? If yes, what are the specifications and its Windows version?

Yes. We recommend using higher speed PC with processing time of 100ms (at least i5 processor, 4GB RAM) on WIndows 7, 8 or 10.

14. What are the charges for TimeTec Smart LPR system?

TimeTec charges a one-time license fee for each camera. For example, if your community has four lanes, two for resident’s entry and exit, and another two for visitor’s entry and exit, and if all lanes need to be installed with TimeTec Smart LPR, then your community needs 4 LPR licenses. Write to us to get a quotation at info@timeteccloud.com.

15. How to integrate the TimeTec Smart LPR with our existing boom gate system?

We will provide a customize relay board to link to the computer installed with TimeTec LPR system and your current boom gate system. This relay board controls the boom gate to open/close during operation. To backup the system, the manual switches/buttons to open/close boom gate can be linked to this relay board as well.

16. What is the second option to gain access when the LPR system cannot recognize my car plate number, instead of scanning the access card?

TimeTec LPR system provides human override function to allow security guard to key in the car plate number into the system for verification. If every detail matched, the system will grant access immediately. During this process, the system will snap photo of the actual car number plate to store into the database for future reference and system training. The system admin can track the details of this action in the audit trail record.

17. How can the TimeTec LPR system receive a new version with better algorithm?

TimeTec LPR system would check with the server from time to time to look for new updates. When the new version is available in our server, the TimeTec LPR system will download to install it to the latest version.