i-Neighbour Reseller Program FAQs
On General Issues
  How many reseller levels are there in i-Neighbour Reseller Program?
The i-Neighbour Reseller Program has three reseller levels.
1.Premier 2.Distributor 3.Dealer
  What are the differences between Premier, Distributor and Dealer?
• The highest reseller level
• Enjoy higher sales margin
• Obtain certain control of i-Neighbour system, own the front end portal with their own URL.
• Allow to appoint distributors and dealers in their country.
• Higher level than dealer
• Enjoy a higher profit sharing percentage plus a higher sales quota
• Obtain a distributor’s admin account to monitor dealer and customer accounts.
• Allow to appoint dealers in their areas.
• Single level reseller
• Basic sales commission percentage and lower sales quota
• Given a dealer’s admin account to monitor own sales.
  How to determine the reseller level one eligible to apply?
• Limited to certain countries and by invitation only.
• Strict vetting process is involved.
• Must have in-house resources to maintain the website.
• Possess existing reseller distribution channel • No existing reseller distribution channel
  How much investment is required to join the i-Neighbour Reseller Program?
Currently, i-Neighbour does not impose any monetary investment to start with i-Neighbour Reseller Program at any levels. However, this policy could change in the future. For Premier Reseller, the adoption of i-Neighbour contents is compulsory in developing the reseller’s front-end portal with slight changes focusing on localization of contents.
  Do you impose any yearly sales quota on resellers?
Yes. Sales commitments vary from one country to another, and for different reseller levels. For more info, please consult us at info@i-neighbour.com.
  Where should the payments be transacted, through the resellers or through i-Neighbour?
It’s up to you. If you choose to do an online payment, the activation of the licenses will be in real time.If you were to pay through our resellers via offline methods, it would take a while for the whole payment process to be cleared because we need to wait for the payment confirmation before we could activate the licenses. Please refer to Terms & Conditions for further clarification. However, if you are a Premier Reseller, you are given the rights to control the online secured payment gateway and all your customers will have to pay to you instead of to i-Neighbour.
  How to become a reseller in i-Neighbour Reseller Program?
Go to the online application page at http://www.i-Neighbour.com/become_partner, choose the type of resellership, fill up all the required information and submit the online application form. We might upgrade or downgrade your Type of Resellership application after review. Once approved, each reseller will be given a free demo account.
  How to obtain training on i-Neighbour Reseller Program?
So far we do not have any training available. But we do have a team of support standing by to assist you. Kindly drop an email to support@i-Neighbour.com to know more.
  Is it permissible to sell i-Neighbour Visitor Management System in our local currency?
Yes, but the selling of the licenses in local currency is only acceptable for offline payment methods. If your customers pay for the subscription online, only USD currency is acceptable. However, the usage of local currency for only offline payment transaction is not restricted to Premier Resellers, because they control the online payment gateway and they can set the currency to their preference.
  Do I have to sign a Resellership Agreement to become a reseller?
Yes. Once we accept your application, you will receive an email, which requires you to activate your resellership account. By activating the account, you will have to agree on the terms and conditions of the Resellership Agreement.
On Premier Resellership
  What kind of control is provided to Premier Resellers?
Premier Reseller owns the front-end portal with their own URL, and the secured online payment gateway integrated with their bank account. i-Neighbour will integrate the application’s portal, which includes Admin module, Billing module, Reseller Management module, Auto-mailer module and etc into reseller’s front-end portal. The premier reseller will be given the rights to access all the integrated modules in i-Neighbour’s cloud system.
  As a Premier Reseller, do you allow us to rebrand the system?
We highly discourage rebranding unless you have the proof of necessity because a different brand could trigger higher marketing and maintenance cost for resellers.
  Will you appoint another reseller in my country?
For Premier Reseller, i-Neighbour will not be appointing any more reseller to represent the brand in the region but the Premier Reseller must perform in their assigned region to be eligible as Premier Reseller for a long period of contract.
  What is the reseller’s role in maintaining the integrated website?
The Premier Reseller is responsible to maintain the front-end portal, complete with the supply of contents and mailers that is suitable to the local market. i-Neighbour will take care of the cloud application upgrades as required by the market.
  What is the estimated time frame to prepare the product for launching in my market?
Language plays a big factor in the time frame. If English is the only main language without other local language involved, duration of one month would be sufficient to take the cloud service live. If you require the front-end portal to have a local language, we estimate additional two months to the total time frame.
  Can Premier Reseller set the local pricing?
Yes, since you will collect all the subscription fees, you can set your own local price. We advise that you calculate all your costs carefully to determine the right price for your market, and please do not set the local price so differently from the international price.
  Who would be the biller when the Premier Reseller collects the payments?
Your company. The Premier Resellers have the rights to log in to the Billing Module to customize invoices and details of the biller in the system. For Distributor and Dealers, unless the customers are paying to them offline, our company name, TimeTec Cloud Sdn Bhd will appear in all online transactions.
  What is the duration of a Premier Resellership Program?
The Resellership Agreement once signed is continued without expiry, unless breach of agreement with 90-day written notification by either parties, be it Dealer, Distributor or Premier Resellership. Premier Resellership Agreement’s auto-renewal is scheduled for every two years if the expected sales quota is achieved. Distributor and Dealer level partnership is on yearly auto-renewal basis.
  What are the countries that you will appoint as Premium Resellers?
i-Neighbour will be inviting resellers in these following countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, France, German, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Philippines, Turkey, UAE, United States, Vietnam.
  According to i-Neighbour’s expansion plan, EpiCamera Cloud Surveillance application has been launched last year; if you have already appointed a Premier Reseller for EpiCamera, does it mean that the same reseller will automatically be granted the Premier Resellership for i-Neighbour?
Yes, theoretically. i-Neighbour prefers to work with the same resellers, unless their performance and commitment are not up to our expectations, or they prefer to market only one cloud service.
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