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For visitors
As a visitor, do I need to join i-Neighbour as member?
No, it is not necessary. You can still pre-register your visitation as a non-member.
And YES, if you want to keep track on all your visitations to different communitys as i-Neighbour will document your visitation based on your membership. As a i-Neighbour member, you can always log in to your i-Neighbour member account to check your visitation records and personal notes on individual visit. You can also save some time on filling up visitor registration form because i-Neighbour will keep your profile data in our cloud server.

How to pre-register your visitation?
1 Step 1: Select community
Select the community by entering its name at the "visitor pre-registration" box at www.i-Neighbour.com and click search button.
2 Step 2: Fill up unit number and host's name
Please make sure unit number and host's name are correct in order to proceed to next step.
3 Step 3: Complete registration form
Provide visitation details that the community requires from you.
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