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Check-in Visitor
There are 2 options for security guard to check-in visitors.
Option 1: Scan QR Code
This option is only applicable to visitors who have a QR code and has already pre-registered.
Note, that the QR code is only valid to visitors who have been accepted by residents.
Step 1: Go to Home > select QR Code Scanner
Step 2: Upon scanning, if the QR code is valid, then the visitor’s information will be displayed on the screen.

Step 3: Check the visitor’s registered information:
Name, ID No., Vehicle No. (if any). If the visitor’s information is incorrect, you can then edit the visitor’s information.

Step 4: Check-in the visitor. Upon checking-in the visitor, respective residents will then be notified.
Option 2: Walk-In Registration
Walk-in visitors can check-in to the community via walk-in registration. To carry out Walk-In Registration, go to Home > select Walk-In Registration.
Step 1: Ask for resident’s information from the visitors.
Step 2: Enter visitation information:
  • Check-In Type
  Group: Visitors are entering into the community in a group.
  Individual: Only one visitor will be checked-in to the community
  • Purpose of Visit
  • Check-In by
  Vehicle: Visitor is driving into the community. If Vehicle is selected, you will be required to fill up the visitor’s vehicle information.
  Walk-In: Visitor is walking into the community.
Step 3: Enter visitor’s personal information
Step 4: Call the residents to obtain approval. Skip this step if getting approval from residents is not practiced in your community.
Step 5: Select Decline or Approve. If “Approve” is selected, visitor will then be checked-into the community.
Check-Out Visitor
There are 2 methods to check-out visitors from your community.
Option 1: Scan QR Code
Step 1: Go to Home > select QR Code Scanner

Step 2: Upon scanning, if the QR code is valid, then select the option to check-out the visitor.

Option 2: Check-Out Visitor through Visitor Listing
Step 1:
Go to Home > select Visitors
Step 2:
Get visitor’s name
Step 3:
Select visitor’s profile
Step 4:
Select Check-Out
Report Misbehaved Visitor
Sometimes, there are visitors that didn’t follow the rules of the community or misbehaved. These visitors can be blocked from the community by adding them into the Blacklist category.
Step 1: Go to visitor’s profile and select “Blacklist”

Step 2: Enter a reason why the visitor should be blacklisted by the management.

Connect to Smart Card Reader to the i-Neighbour App
Note that Smart Card Reader is an optional hardware. Skip this if your community is not using Smart Card Reader
a Step 1: Go to your mobile phone’s Settings, connect to smart card reader named [smart card reader name] via Bluetooth.
b Step 2: Go to Settings in i-Neighbour to select smart card reader for users.
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Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.