i-Vizit App
i-Vizit App is the most comprehensive Visitor Management System, developed as a core component to be installed at the guardhouse’s/reception’s tablet for both i-Neighbour (Smart Residential Community System) and TimeTec VMS (Smart Office Visitor Management System).

i-Vizit can likewise be integrated with i-Neighbour App at the resident’s side as well as TimeTec VMS App at the employee’s side to handle walk-in visitors and pre-registered visitors (with QR Code Scanning). The App is also embedded with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature to read and extract info from driver’s license, identity card or passport to better enhance the security aspect. Additionally, i-Vizit App is compatible with our i-Comm App as well, a Visitor Self-Service Video Call App to facilitate the visitor management process. That’s not all, i-Vizit further includes Visitor Registration, Checked-In Visitors Monitoring, Panic Button Alert, and many more features in placed.

This Smart Solution can fulfill even more sophisticated requirements for communities and office towers alike when paired with our wide range of IoT Smart Devices, such as Siren Kit for Alarm System, IP Camera for Cloud Surveillance System, Smart Access for Boom Gate, Car Plate Number Recognition, Smart Turnstiles and etc. For an improved security, the i-Vizit tablet for guardhouse can also act as a SOS call desk whenever residents activate the Panic Button within i-Neighbour App on their smartphone during an emergency; triggering an alarm on i-Vizit App to alert security guards on duty. Smart Technology is the Future and the Way Forward; download the App today to experience the convenience of a Smart Solution.
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