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Conclude Sales Fast
Reduce Support Cost
Get Recurring Profit
i-AD Agent Program is a well-tailored program that helps conventional ad agents to ride on the trend of online ad in SaaS and embrace a great opportunity to earn extra income. The program is brief and straightforward with clear objectives; to conclude sales in no time, and to reduce support cost for a more profitable operation. Start recruit advertisers to advertise in i-Neighbour via i-AD, and make your involvement with i-AD and i-Neighbour fulfilling and rewarding.
1 Rewarding Commission i-AD offers commission up to 30% which is above average of the market rate to our dedicated agents. The more ads you recruit, the more profit you can earn. If i-AD agent pays on behalf of his client(the advertiser), he directly pays the discounted price and earns the margin.
2 No IT Expertise Acquired Selling i-AD to your customers is extremely easy, you do not need to be an IT expert because i-AD is designed so that even laymen can use it.
3 One reseller platform and a single sign-on medium for multiple clients for monitoring and management of your customers’ accounts, statuses and you can also review your earning details all at once.
4 Big data analysis is available to furnish analytical reviews in improving ad layout/space selection and sales in your ad-placement planning.
5 Instant Payment If an advertiser choose to pay i-AD directly, i-AD guarantees commission to be transferred to agent's Paypal account instantly when an agent withdraws the money from their i-AD account.
6 Exclusive ad provider for i-Neighbour i-AD helps advertisers that target on particular residential areas to ensure their ad to be seen by their targeted neighbourhood.
Added Advantages
Zero investments
Income generating even when you're asleep
30% profit sharing
Easy to support
Who can be i-AD agent?
i-Neighbour or TimeTec Reseller
Registered i-Neighbour Resident
Advertising Agency
Any interested individual or company
How to become an i-AD agent?
Go here, fill up the form and submit.
Start your cloud ad business and enjoy the benefits of i-AD Agent.
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