IFCA Accounting Software with i-Neighbour
Transparent Transactions, Efficient Financial Management
IFCA is a business software solution specializing in the Property Industry for 30 years within the Asia and South Africa market. Over the years, it has developed its software to meet the needs of property developers and property managers. This include properties development such as shopping malls, chain stores, residential, industrials, commercials, resorts, hotels and recreational sport clubs.

Incorporate IFCA Accounting software easily with i-Neighbour system through a series of features, developed to streamline the financial documents within these 2 applications. With this arrangement, residents can now view their invoices and payment receipts online through their i-Neighbour accounts. Invoicing and payment matters will be more transparent for both the Residential Management and residents thus ensuring an accurate financial organization for your neighbourhood.
1. Import Invoices
Add invoices' information from IFCA into i-Neighbour using the Excel template file provided and upload the file for processing.

2. Invoice Approval (by Assigned Admin)
Invoices that have been uploaded will need to be approved by the assigned Admin before it can be displayed in the Invoice list. Once the invoice has been approved, it will appear in the Invoice listing.

3. Invoices
Approved invoices will be displayed in this list and the invoices will be available for residents’ view whenever they login to their i-Neighbour account.

Listing view, sort by Unit No. (Admin view)

Complete information of all invoices generated for the selected unit.

Invoice Listing view, sort by Recent Uploaded Invoices
4. Payment Received Listing
View payments received via eGHL and knocked-off the payments to match with your IFCA system.

5. Import Daily Collection Report
Update the payment status in i-Neighbour by importing the daily collection information from IFCA system. Note: Daily Collection are walk-in payments from the residents.