Residents Video Guide - How To iNeighbour
FingerTec News | 05/04/2021
To serve all our users better, iNeighbour presents to you a series of video guide for iNeighbour App users. The App is designed user-intuitively and easy to use, but for those who need some guidance, feel free to watch the videos.
1. How to add Intercom Number
2. How to view Announcement
3. How to book Key Collection
4. How to change Password
5. How to view Committee Members
6. How to Disable from Guard View
7. How to view E-Document
8. How to make Multiple in-out Invitation
9. How to Invite Family Members to use i-Neighbour apps
10. How to make One time Invitation
11. How to edit Owner Profile
12. How to trigger the Panic Button
13. How to view Neighbourhood Profile
14. How to view Security Details
15. How to activate account from Activation Code
16. How to activate Family Members/Tenant Account
17. How to vote on E-Polling

iNeighbour Smart Home devices are SIRIM, and MCMC certified and made perfect solutions when integrated with iNeighbour Smart Community Ecosystem.

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