FingerTec News  04/08/2017
Build A Thriving Neighbourhood with i-Merchant
TimeTec Cloud is unveiling yet another mobile application for our community: The Amazing i-Merchant.

i-Merchant is an application that gathers all participating merchants from around a neighbourhood and provide them with the opportunities and conveniences to offer their goods and services for any nearby landed-property residents or even high-rise tenants. From the merchant’s perspective, all they have to do is just subscribe to the solution, add their store details plus the products or services which they would like to offer and voilà (It’s that simple!).

The merchant’s information will then be published and advertised within i-Neighbour applications that are being used by any close quarters neighbourhood’s residential and visitor management. As such, the community can then order or book goods and services from the listed merchants. In terms of the delivery aspect, fret not as delivery of goods is simplified to a point where i-Merchant will receive a QR code through i-Neighbour App for merchants to access the compound areas. Hence, keeping the premises safe without having to sacrifice accessibility.

Why i-Merchant?
Search by Distance
Online Shopping
Easy Navigation
Easy Delivery
Booking & Reservation
Review & Rate
As for Merchants, all you need to do is to let your community knows as soon as possible that your stores are now open for business in order to receive the much needed support from them. Put as much information as required to ease viewing and information search by the community.

i-Merchant is in its Beta stage at the moment and for the next development, we will include the payment gateway option for residents to pay the requested merchants upfront for their orders. On the plus side, residents will also gain the ability to review merchant's performance all within the App.

A thriving community is one who supports each other. Thus, it is fair to say that both Business and Residential community have to work hand in hand in order to ensure that their community is a success. We believe that i-Merchant can be this special bridge to accomplish that for you. Stay tuned with i-Merchant!

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