Casa Idaman Delivering Security Standards With i-Neighbour
FingerTec News | 03/08/2018
Casa Idaman is a bungalow freehold township by Mentari Group. Located at an excellent location in Setia Alam, Shah Alam, residents get to enjoy excellent accessibility to a wide range of public amenities and also other townships within the Klang Valley area such as Subang Jaya and Petaling Jaya. In this self-contained township, families with children also need not worry about schooling issues, as education institutions are readily available within close proximity thus providing an environment suitable for family upbringing.

In light of having a higher amount of school children living within the vicinity, Casa Idaman realized that it would have to upgrade its visitor management aspect in order to further ensure the safety of the children. Additionally, this is also due to the fact that their previous system which is a Windows based VMS couldn’t centralize the collected data in the cloud. Hence, the Management has to physically be at the guardhouse in order to obtain the visitation information. After some discussion with the i-Neighbour Team, Casa Idaman decided to deploy i-Neighbour along with two IoT devices: Guardhouse Tablet and Smart Barrier Access System.

With the Guardhouse Tablet in placed, security guards of Casa Idaman can collect the information of the visitors more efficiently than before as to not allow any strangers within the neighbourhood. The Management on the other hand, can also keep track of any individuals accessing the neighbourhood via i-Neighbour App and take immediate action on any suspicious access. Contrarily, residents get to enjoy improved convenience while accessing the compound with the Smart Barrier Access System as the readers accepts both UHF Tag as well as UHF Reader credentials.
As stated by Ms. Nancy, Chairwoman of Casa Idaman,
  Finally, I don’t need to look for my access card in my bag as the UHF Tag really cuts down all the hassle  
Casa Idaman is currently subscribed to over 150 users together with the deployment of the Guardhouse Tablet and Smart Barrier Access System. As such, families in Casa Idaman will most certainly have peace of mind when sending their loved ones to school. For more information on how to keep your neighbourhood safe and efficient with i-Neighbour, visit our website by clicking on the link below.
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