Unlock doors with Face via
TimeTec QF Master

FingerTec News | 05/08/2019
In keeping up with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 initiatives, TimeTec yet again delivers an amazing product for security through its TimeTec QF Master. The QF Master is an access control mobile App offering two methods of unlocking doors which include scanning of QR code and scanning of face for recognition. This IoT device is equipped with a QR code scanner and a facial recognition technology to verify an identity before granting access to authorized individuals.

To use facial recognition in a QF Master, the App needs to verify a face with the face template in the server before allowing access. Therefore, an admin needs to do facial registration via QF Master App to save the face template in the server. And when the user arrives at the entrance/exit, he/she will only need to scan the face at the QF Master for verification before he/she be provided access to the premises. The registration of a face template is quick and easy and the verification also takes a split second to confirm an identity.

For a QR code verification in a QF Master, an authorised personnel will be provided with a QR code generated from one of the integrated solutions: i-Neighbour, TimeTec VMS or TimeTec Access, and this QR code can be used at a QF Master to access permitted doors. For example, when a visitor gets his QR code from the invitation sent from i-Neighbour, he can scan the QR code at the QF Master for verification upon arrival to get access to the premises. Or a visitor to an office is provided with the QR code to be scanned at QF Master and gain access when he/she arrives for an appointment.

The QF Master App is a versatile solution which has been integrated with 3 of TimeTec solutions for convenience and better operation.

1   The use of QF Master in i-Neighbour Smart Community System can improve the visitor’s user experience to another level when the credential required for access is readily available.
2   The QF Master in TimeTec VMS for Visitor Management System makes access control easier when it comes to managing visitors where only visitors allowed to enter a certain space can access based on his/her face scan.
3   The QF Master for TimeTec Access is a great system for employee access to work premises, no token required and the biometrics is accurate.
To use the QF Master as an access control tool, download the App and pair it with a TimeTec BLE-2/TimeTec BLE-5; a Bluetooth Low Energy door access controller. Once the QF Master validated the QR code or a face with the data in the server, a signal will unlock the entrance/exit door and the access activity will be recorded in the system for reference.
QF Master is the access APP you need to start managing your access control points efficiently.