FingerTec News  05/12/2017
i-AD, A Great Tool to Connect Community to
Nearby Businesses
And Make Extra Income In The Process
i-AD is an online advertising platform featured on Software as a Service (SaaS) applications like i-Neighbour app. In short, i-AD is a tool for space providers or residential managements to allocate ads space on their i-Neighbour’s account for advertisers to broadcast their businesses via i-Neighbour App. This i-AD tool is suitable for eateries, services, and shops around a neighbourhood to feature their advertisements on i-Neighbour’s app and reach their nearby target audiences.
How does it work?
Reliable Ad Sources
Decide Ads Space Yourself
Check Status In Real Time
Get Money Instantly
By becoming an i-AD Space Provider, a neighbourhood’s management can save money on i-Neighbour subscription fee and at the same time they can earn some extra money for their neighbourhood. The addition of i-AD in i-Neighbour App definitely adds value to a neighbourhood where the residents can access to the nearby merchants for needed goods and services effortlessly.

i-AD offers advertisers with a great tool to promote their businesses to residents at a reasonable rate. Just sign up for i-AD for free and advertisers will only need to pay when the advertisement is working, i.e. when a viewer clicks the ad, visits the listing, checks out the website or calls the business.

Check out i-AD website to learn more about the cloud advertisement solution as well as what it can accomplish for your neighbourhood and business.

Earn Money with i-AD