Vista Hill Bandar Mahkota Cheras Warms Up to
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Malaysia | 04/12/2020
A fully integrated smart community ecosystem, i-Neighbour ( is designed exclusively to promote a modern living lifestyle amongst gated-guarded and high-rise residential communities. With i-Neighbour App, residents can do 1001 things effectively, fuss-free.
Given the pandemic, visitor management in the community becomes vital, and i-Neighbour fits the purpose. All visitors information are available on i-Neighbour including the ones who pre-register, for the community to track the comings and goings of outsiders inside their compound. i-Neighbour also comes with the easy announcement, feedback and enquiry features for the community to have a proper communication channel.
As such, Vista Hill, a landed property in Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Selangor subscribed to i-Neighbour for more than 200 of their residents. Now, the residents no longer have to refer to the bulletin board to be updated for information, and the visitors do not have to use the logbook during a visit.
i-Neighbour has digitalized Vista Hill to everybody’s satisfaction.
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