FingerTec News | 05/02/2018
i-Neighbour: Pen Testing Highlights
Web application vulnerabilities account for the largest portion of attack vectors outside of the common malware intrusion. Hence, it is crucial that any web application is assessed for vulnerabilities and any susceptibility is immediately remediated prior to production deployment. Basically, web application assessments are performed to identify potential or realized weaknesses as a result of inadvertent mis-configuration, weak authentication, insufficient error handling, sensitive information leakage and etc.
In regards to this, i-Neighbour is no stranger to the practices involved as well. This is because i-Neighbour has constantly been engaged in a procedure known as Penetration Testing (Pen Test) throughout its development cycle. Similar with the above, Penetration Testing is an attempt to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities and the main objective of Pen Testing is likewise to determine whether if the system’s defences were sufficient.

As i-Neighbour Team pays serious attention to security issues, our Penetration Testing covers from External Testing such as engaging with an external Cyber-security Specialist right down to Internal Testing of our own. What’s more, to cover wider grounds, we also automate our Pen Tests by utilizing security assessment tools such as Arachni and many more in order to further guarantee i-Neighbour’s capability in protecting its users’ personal information.

Know that your personal data is always safe with i-Neighbour and that we take great care in securing our customers’ private information to the utmost extent. Rest assured that you are very much in good hands and kindly check out i-Neighbour: our amazing Smart Community Solution that is designed to ease the visitor management system of residential buildings and gated guarded communities.

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