Dorset Place Designate
i-Neighbour As The Future-Proof Solution
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Malaysia | 04/01/2019
Dorset Place is a development in Ipoh with commercial and residential components, consisting of 2-storey shop offices, 2-storey link homes and semi-detached homes. The residential portion of Dorset Place is gated and guarded, with 24-hour security surveillance, CCTV cameras and a perimeter brick wall to provide its residents with peace of mind. The residential also incorporates green elements like a linear park bordering the development on two sides, a recreation park with a field, half-size basketball court and playground near the homes, where residents can mingle.

However, Dorset Place is still missing a management system to fully handle its various amenities. Since most of the infrastructures are already in placed, the community wanted a solution that can be easily integrated into their system. Through some recommendations from our Ipoh reseller, Wincomm Trade & Services, the neighbourhood designates i-Neighbour as their preferred choice of selection.

The reason why i-Neighbour was chosen is because not only can our Smart Community System be integrated into the Dorset Place’s current system but it likewise offers an expanding line of IoT products. What this means is that there are no limitation in terms of upgradability. With every addition into our IoT offerings, i-Neighbour will have to capacity to grow and expand along with additional features. By having IoT as its extension, residents in Dorset Place can utilize i-Neighbour to access the barrier gates, doors and lifts; all from their mobile phones. Apart from access, Dorset Place is applying i-Neighbour’s Visitor Management System to record their visitation as well; i.e. Visitor Listing feature for reviewing any individuals accessing into the neighbourhood.
Dorset Place has subscribed its community with over 140 user subscriptions in i-Neighbour and is now enjoying the many benefits provided by our Smart Community System. i-Neighbour is a cloud-based solution that caters for different role functions that include administrators, residents, visitors and security officers, with the respective friendly user-interface in both Web and Mobile App. Discover how you can deploy i-Neighbour into your neighbourhood by clicking on the link below.
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