Pruksa Propels Towards Smart Lifestyle
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Thailand | 04/01/2019
Pruksa Real Estate Plc. was founded by Mr. Thongma Vijitpongpun on April 20, 1993, who brought his experience and expertise in construction from government and private projects into the business of the company. Hence, Pruksa’s main focus is on the development of townhouses, single-detached houses and condominiums. The company aims to be the number one real estate brand in customers’ minds with the goal of becoming a top ten residential brand in Asia by creating high-value homes for families to experience warmth, happiness and a better life every day.

Likewise, Pruksa also believes that in order to provide their communities with a better standard of living, a good management system should be established at its core. After much review and discussion, Pruksa selected i-Neighbour as their top choice. This is mainly due to the versatile design of i-Neighbour, which not only promotes a cloud-based structure but could also be easily integrated with an array of IoT device. Hence, the possibilities are endless with TimeTec’s growing line of IoT products.

As shown by Pruksa, i-Neighbour is a comprehensive Smart Community Solution that handles every aspect within a neighbourhood from the comfort of your Smartphones. Through i-Neighbour, residents in Pruksa Ville can safely and conveniently check-in to their residences without much effort needed. On the other hand, visitors can also be easily invited into the compound without hassle through the use of QR Codes. If safety is your main concern, fret not as i-Neighbour has a built-in Panic Alarm for residents to request for security assistance as demonstrated in Pruksa Ville. To top it off, all records will be kept securely in the cloud and made accessible at all times without the need for a physical copy.

Pruksa has now subscribed over 400 units (Pruksa Ville Project) into i-Neighbour alongside our Smart Guardhouse Tablet Panel and BLE-2 to promote a Smart Lifestyle within its communities. Look no further as i-Neighbour is the future for Smart Communities! We welcome residential committees, developers or property management companies to join us in promoting a Smart Lifestyle.

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