TimeTec Cloud Continues Partnership with Delphinids
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India | 05/12/2019
India IT startup hub Bengaluru (Bangalore) has always been the technology giant city in India. Many new startups find this city the best open door and the one city in India that has proven to put a roof over the head of many. Rated as one of the fastest-changing cities, Bangalore has transformed from being a traditional tech hub into a home for future-ready enterprises.

However, to remain competitive in today’s economic landscape, India has moved forward its pace for innovative development and made Hyderabad the second major centre for the technology industry after Bengaluru. This city has evolved into an upcoming IT investment region and is escalating the city as a software industry looking at a holistic and sustainable development agenda.
Tempted by market growth, Delphinids being a rising enterprise that pursues relentlessly in delivering successful integration of modern Smart Home Security technology solutions with the involvement of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial intelligence (AI), is vying for a place in the competitive and acquisitive society. Delphinids team firms the sector with strong technology market insights and agility that strengthens the completion of its innovative integrations and drives its vision of ‘future way of living’ all the more remarkable.

Envisaging Delphinids's quest to enhance liveability and in paving the way for sustainable development of the city infrastructure, TimeTec decided to form a joint venture with Delphinids.

(From left to right) Mr Manoj Krishna, Mr Ravi Kiran Reddy, Mr Hemanth Jaladi, Mr Teh Hon Seng, Mr Aiden Teh Ke Huan, and Mr Sumanth Jaladi
TimeTec Cloud CEO, Mr Teh Hon Seng, and i-Neighbour team leader, Mr Aiden Teh Ke Huan travelled to Hyderabad to meet the Delphinids TimeTec team December 2019.

This partnership has received significant interest from Hyderabad’s Most Trusted Real Estate Developer with 30 years of rich legacy, MyHome Group and the second-largest housing developer in Hyderabad, the Jayabheri Group. Delphinids TimeTec has effectuated a technology transfer, also called the transfer of technology (TOT) in the following projects with its successful combination of smart solutions.
Project 1 & 2: My Home Avatar - Phase I & Phase II
i-Neighbour Developer Tailored-made Module, Defect Management Module is implemented for better management of unit defects.
Project 3: My Home Bhooja (under construction)
i-Neighbour Developer Tailored-made Module, Defect Management Module will be implemented once the construction is completed and ready for property launching.
Testing Project: The Peak
The Peak apartment is the first testing project with i-Neighbour Defect Management Module for the Jayabheri Group. i-Neighbour Proof of Concept (POC) comes back positive after implementation.

Delphinids TimeTec will be appointed to more projects in the near future, according to the Jayabheri Group PIC.
This designated Developer Module,
Defect Management is module that allows:
Owners to lodge defect reports via i-Neighbour App, Web portal or Self-help kiosk at the management office. CRM & Defect Management Team to monitor all reported defect cases CRM & Defect Management Team to assign contractors conveniently to manage defect cases Owners & Management to exercise open and transparent communication Owners to review defect progress status after tickets submission Developers to generate ticket monitoring report and statistical report of site development
This module has been tested to have promoted higher process efficiency of Properties' Issues Rectification. With such encouraging output from clients, not only the Defect Module, but the entire i-Neighbour community system will be of the prospective development in Hyderabad and be implemented into the launching of other new projects in the future.
TimeTec foresees the phenomenal growth of the IT industry in India, Make allied with Delphinids to create a bigger dream for all.
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