FingerTec News  05/06/2017
i-Neighbour IoT & BLE Smart Security Series
Using Smartphone as Credential for Better Security
i-Neighbour is a cloud-based residential & visitor management system, designed to streamline the check in and check out processes for visitors on top of managing residential matters like facility booking, maintenance fee payment and etc. With its simple online sign-up process, guests can pre-register their visitation and have it approved by the resident they are visiting – with just a few touches on their smart phones.

To complement the system and making it a smart system for the community, TimeTec introduces i-Neighbour IoT and BLE Smart Security Series with various device selections for better security and automation, plus control from i-Neighbour App on your very own smartphones.

  Smart Card Reader
  Integrate this reader with i-Neighbour Security Guard Module as an option to read the visitor ID cards’ data for smooth visitation and error free system.
  Smart Siren Kit
  Residents need to push the Panic Button on the i-Neighbour App to trigger the alarm system at the guardhouse.
  Smart IPCamera
  Cloud Surveillance for individual homes and public areas, can be integrated with i-Neighbour App for LPR.
  Smart Lift
  For residents to access to their own floor through i-Neighbour App and to permit an access to other floor upon approval and for visitors to access to the designated floor only.
  Smart Lock
  Suitable for individual homes and public facility areas to achieve better automation and to facilitate facility booking through i-Neighbour App.
  Smart LPR
  Automate car plate recognition for residents’ registered cars and capture visitors' plate numbers for security purposes.
  Smart Reader
  Protection to the main access of the block; full access authorization for authorized residents and limited access authorization for permitted visitors.
  Smart Autogate*
  Open the gate of your own unit using a smartphone, can be integrated with i-Neighbour App
  Smart Wireless Alarm*
  Suitable for individual homes and can be connected to the Siren Kit at the guardhouse.
* Coming soon
Smart Community System Diagram
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