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Malaysia | 05/06/2018
Indera Subang Signs Up i-Neighbour for Better Visitor Management
Indera Subang is a condominium located in USJ 6, Subang Jaya. The building has attractive facade, peaceful surroundings, low-density living, tight security, quality finishes and modern facilities. Its designs emphasize on elegant interior, spacious built-up size that ranges from 1,500 square feet and above, along with peaceful surrounding dedicated to a modern family lifestyle.

The condominium provides its residents with many useful and modern facilities but the management was looking for a systematic and effective visitor management aspect for the resident to utilize conveniently. They require reliable reports at hand to review the security team’s effectiveness for the neighbourhood. After reviewing the various features of i-Neighbour, the Management is certain that i-Neighbour is the solution that is very much needed.

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i-Neighbour is a Smart Community Solution that offers both residential and visitor management system that are suitable for high-rise residences and gated guarded communities. With i-Neighbour, tenants and visitors can prearrange their visits via i-Neighbour app and the security will be kept informed of the visits via the Guardhouse Tablet Panel. Since the system operates in the cloud, the reports are made easily accessible to the Admins of the neighbourhood for audit purposes. What’s more, Admins also are able to administer announcements, billing reminder and many other functions through i-Neighbour without the residents having to go to the Management Office during office hours.

Indera Subang is subscribed to i-Neighbour with approximately 150 units throughout as well as making full use of the Guardhouse Tablet Panel to monitor its visitors. As such, the condominium can definitely expect tighter security and nothing lost in translation during the visitor registration process; all while enjoying various handy features implemented in i-Neighbour such as Announcements, Events and e-Billing.

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