FingerTec News  03/03/2017
Amplify Security with Fuss-Free i-Neighbour Siren Kit
The i-Neighbour Siren Kit (SK-911) is designed to enhance neighbourhood's security with i-Neighbour, the latest cloud-based residential management system by TimeTec.

The Siren Kit can be linked to an LED Display Panel, a waterproof Alarm Siren and Strobe Light. Easily installed at guard houses, the SK-911 runs through an active Internet connection that communicates with i-Neighbour application.

When a resident pushes the the Panic Button on i-Neighbour app, the resident's unit number will displayed on the LED Panel, and the Alarm Siren and strobe light will be set off and security guards will be alerted to respond.

Installation Diagram
The beauty of i-Neighbour Siren Kit SK-911 is it's compact size and convenient installation. Running on a Raspberry Pi controller, an I/O board with power supply, users are ensured a fuss-free, simple, effective and affordable solution. Strengthening residential security and quick response during emergencies with SK-911.

To find out more about the i-Neighbour Siren Kit, visit this link .