The Sentral Residences Completed Project Development with i-Neighbour Smart Community Solutions
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Malaysia| 05/03/2020
A newly constructed residence by the name of The Sentral Residences is a serviced residence located in the heart of the new central business district of KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur. It is a 55-storey twin tower, and will be home to at least 752 families. Putting together the high accessibility to a large array of food & beverage outlets and shop lots, and its connectivity to Malaysia’s largest transportation hub, this high-rise residential building will be another demanding domicile for new occupancies. property are also heading toward the pathway in integrating i-Neighbour to make it a whole.

Living in such a landmark location equipped with a variety of facilities and a best mix of views, it is no surprise that property management urges more tightly in time, in particular, in the aspects of visitor management, residential maintenance services and premise security protection plan.

Claiming as a ‘green’ home developed by Malaysian Resources Corporation Bhd. (MRCB) and Quill see fit with the i-Neighbour residential ecosystem. A smart community solution that provides one-stop service to address the aforementioned concerning issues. With i-Neighbour app, VMS, i-Account and TimeTec Patrol, such a great combination of tools, the Sentral Residences can soon shelter its residents with utmost care and guaranteed promises.

This January 2020,i-Neighbour App, Residential VMS and i-Account system have been implemented while TimeTec Patrol 20 patrolling checkpoints have also been set up in the residential area to complete this project development with a perfect closure.

i-Neighbour App

Features such as
• Announcement     • e-Document     • Contact     • Manage facilities
Will be accommodating
The residents

Getting informed of any major or minor changes and news about their neighbourhood

Receiving relevant e-documents about their units

Communicating with management at ease

Booking facilities with a comprehensive calendar view

All-time Access of all desired features
The management

Informing important news to all registered residents via the Announcement feature in just a click

Increasing document security and control

Facilitating collaboration

Managing an activity or service directly through the App

All-time Access of all desired features

i-Neighbour Residential VMS

Features such as
• In-App Intercom     • Speedy Registration Process     • Pre-register Visitors     • Visitors Analysis & Statistic Reports     • Visitor In/Out Notification     • Blacklist Menace
Will be accommodating
The residents

Direct approval & rejection of visitors

Informing guards prior to guests’ arrival

Keeping clear history record of visitors

Receiving visitors with arrival & departure notification

Submitting blacklist visitors request to management
The management

Instant request of confirmation from the residents

Managing registration process

Storing detailed visitation records

Sending visitors with arrival & departure notification

Fast resolving and updating system for unwanted visitors request sent from residents

i-Neighbour i-Account
Accounting System

Features such as
• Cloud -based system Records access anywhere     • Multiple choice of payment gateways     • Online bill & receipts flexible access     • Automate payment tracking & due payment reminder     • Convertible reports on periodic and financial year basis
Will be accommodating principally
The management

Managing better property management (e.g. batch invoice creation, monthly charges setup)

Coordinating payment more easily with residents, suppliers and staff

Minimizing discrepancies between resolved/ unresolved bills and payments

Generating instant receipts copy via email

Improved timeliness

Better version control

TimeTec Patrol

Features such as
• Incident, checkpoint and route management     • Guards’ profile & patrolling management     • Patrol scheduled details     • Instant notification     • Pre-configured reports     • Mobile solution via NFC tag/ Beacon
Will be accommodating principally
The management

Accessing only one centralised system to configure designated tasks

Inputting and managing personnel’s database

Arranging patrol schedules, routes, time range and assignment systematically

Receiving immediate notification on patrolling activity, SOS and incidents via mobile push notification/ email

Evaluating staff performance based on real data collected

Allowing guards to view actual patrol routes and clock in/out real-time via TimeTec Patrol smartphone app

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