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FingerTec News | 05/03/2021
Smart residential community or smart neighbourhood is a fundamental component of a Smart City. The government's top-down efforts to promote Smart City will be futile without ready and functional smart residential communities as strong supporting base.

But what is a Smart Community System for residential? Aiden Teh, the Business Development Manager of iNeighbour elaborates. "In brief, it is a comprehensive ecosystem that can manage, automate and connect people who stay, activities that happen and equipment installed in a residential community."

Aiden Teh
Business Development Manager of iNeighbour
Due to their limitations, conventional systems are usually scattered. The essential components like property accounting, payment, visitor management, guard patrol, access control, CCTV, intercom, facility booking, management and more, all unrelated and work in silos. Worse, there are still quite many activities being handled manually in some residential communities. The manual method's shortcomings cause numerous errors, communication breakdown, inefficiency, and extra cost for both landed or high-rise properties.

"More JMBs (Joint Management Board) and RAs (Resident Associations) in Malaysia understand the importance of a smart system. iNeighbour with its all-rounded components has started gaining momentum last year, at a rate to onboard 6 - 8 communities every month even during the CMCO and RMCO period."
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"The market is sceptical when we first launched iNeighbour in 2017. To educate the market better; we even published a book, and our efforts finally paid off. Besides individual communities, some prominent developers have signed up with iNeighbour like IOI Properties, Putrajaya Holdings, Ibraco, Binastra, Thriven, Hock Seng Lee, from Malaysia, and Pruksa from Thailand, and MyHome from India. We have also extended the system to include developer modules like vacant possession and defect management."
Amongst the growing list of iNeighbour residential communities nationwide include The Light Collection in Penang, Atlantis in Melaka, Leisure Farm in Johor Bahru, Sentral Residence, Icon Residence, Sky Condo in Klang Valley and many more. iNeighbour is a brand-name developed and owned by TimeTec Group's Cloud Division. The cloud division has further expanded its Smart Community product line to comprise Smart Home this year. iNeighbour can connect IoT alarm device installed in individual houses to the guardhouse and patrol system wirelessly. "When an alarm goes off in an individual unit, the guards at the guardhouse are instantly alerted to carry out patrol duty immediately to improve security."

Smart Residential Communities, a book published by iNeighbour

iNeighbour Smart Home devices are SIRIM, and MCMC certified and made perfect solutions when integrated with iNeighbour Smart Community Ecosystem.

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