FingerTec News | 04/05/2018
A Sneak Peek Into i-Environ Drone Training
To be a professional, a good foundation is required. Flying a drone is no longer just a person’s hobby; it is now a professional tool to help various industries in advancing their technological aspect. In the Introduction of Drones, other than learning about the fundamentals of drone flying, it also introduces to individuals regarding how to handle a drone with care. Whether given a small patch of tear on the propeller/camera/battery or when the drone is exerting a huge force to lift itself up into the air; a tiny fault such as these would most certainly result in large consequences. (Drone equipments doesn’t exactly come cheap either, so it’s best to first equip yourself with the proper knowledge to operate a drone.)
DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Camera (1 unit)
Intelligent Flight Battery
Flight Controller
Ground Control Software
On the other hand, safety is also another major concern and is no laughing matter when it comes to handling a drone. Given that the propeller is spinning at an extremely fast speed, an individual can easily be injured when precautions are not taken seriously, i.e. direct contact on the propeller blade. Not to mention when a drone is in operation and is 100 meters above ground, it is thus important for one to always keep track of the device’s battery and control. That is why understanding the basics taught in the Introduction of Drones lesson should definitely not be missed.

i-Environ is a new collaboration solution pairing with i-Neighbour that offers affordable high-end environmental analytical services for any communities to subscribe even on a regular basis. Since drone technology is one of its main feature, we’ve included a total of 3 drone lesson trainings with the first being as stated above and the following listed as Basic Aerial Photography as well as General Inspection Using Drones for individuals signing up to be our i-Environ resellers in order to gain more experience when dealing with drones. Regardless, what was stated above is only a short preview on some of the crucial advices instructed during the lesson and if you wish to know more about the training, please visit the link below for more information.

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