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The Role of Smart Residential Technology during a pandemic
FingerTec News | 05/05/2020

Since the pandemic started brewing horrifically across the nation, the authority has reiterated the need for everyone to Stay at Home #stayathome. The nationwide order was issued a month ago. It has reflected the realities of the pandemic response that has finally set in. During these extended periods, most have learnt about the importance of people’s wellbeing and may have also realized the demand and support measures your community needs.

i-Neighbour is offering systemic solutions to the potential protection gaps and problems communities confront. The team is hoping to step up even during this tough time and deliver this all-inclusive residential assistance package to aid in improving neighbourhoods while promoting a protected, positive environmental and security outcome.

i-Neighbour Features Built-in with technology advances
Navigate a pandemic at home with ease
Feature 1: Announcement
All important notices such as water disruption, abrupt maintenance work, community special news & alert, or available supplies/shops around the housing area can be directly informed via the app. No need to get out of the house to view the announcement board or go into an elevator for the same purposes.
Feature 2: E-form
No physical presence or close contact required to submit inquiries or forms. Electronic forms can be immediately submitted online, further promoting social distancing and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
Feature 3: Facility Booking
Disable booking options to restrict access to public facilities during the pandemic period to lower the risk of social activities and human interaction.
Feature 4: E-Contact
Retrieve important and emergency service contacts and source contacts for mask suppliers, food delivery, grocery delivery or medical personnel.
Feature 5: Discussion
Platform to perform informal discussion between admin and resident for simple inquiries or other residential relevant help.
Feature 6: Incident Report
File report of any faulty item or any incident happened within the neighbourhood with image/ video attachment features without having to visit the management office in person.
Feature 7: i-Merchant & Kaodim
Reduce interaction with outsiders. Launch app to easily find and request delivery services during the lockdown period.
Feature 8: E-billing
Any outstanding invoice/ billing can be directly performed via i-Neighbour payment gateway. Prevent cross-contamination through cash & cheque payment.
Feature 9: E-document
Paperless solution. Generate all important documents online. Avoid virus transmission through the physical transportation of items.
Feature 10: Visitor Management
Instant notification alert of the visitation flows within the neighbourhood. Avoid large group gathering and assure visitors to meet health check requirements.
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i-Neighbour keeps community connection strong despite the tackle of this pandemic.

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