Shah Alam Palm HillPark improves the quality of life for its tenant with
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Malaysia | 05/05/2020
A 550-acre township development situated in Puncak Alam completed in 2019 offers a quiet retreat of suburban living distant enough from the upbeat Kuala Lumpur city centre. The pulse of the Hillpark neighbourhood is featured by 682 exclusive 2-storey link homes set amidst natural surroundings. It is the ideal territory for bringing back the good old times of childhood. With a mixed offering of modern link, super link, apartments and shop offices, including the even wider driveways, have transformed the contemporary outlook into a spacious layout that is joyous and tranquil.

However, in modern life, most people who live in big cities barely know anybody in their own neighbourhood and that makes the community a less dependable place to give in trust to whoever lives around and whoever comes around. Precisely this reason i-Neighbour has been set in motion to aid in developing this community an increased sense of security.
Given the land space is wide and many tenants are there to be supported plus to be protected, the community management team seeks for solutions to resolve the following:
Handwritten Logbook
Improved with
i-Neighbour VMS
Community Maintenance Billing Services
Improved with
i-Neighbour i-Account
Community Interaction
Improved with
i-Neighbour Management Module
The integration of i-Neighbour has significantly improved the many aspects which Palm HillPark needs.

Neighbourhood Insecurity has now been completed with a more systematic approach, a higher quality control of neighbourhood’s safety protection and a more lively interaction within the community.
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