FingerTec News  05/11/2017
IOI Properties Placing i-Neighbour into Action
IOI Properties Group Berhad (“IOIPG”) is one of Malaysia’s leading public-listed property developers. It has built a solid reputation as the esteemed property arm of IOI Group prior to its successful listing onto the Main Board of Malaysian Stock Exchange on 15 January 2014. Today, IOIPG is renowned as one of the largest property companies in the country with a proven track record spanning more than three decades in the property development industry. Its principal activities include property development, property investment, leisure and hospitality.

Recently, IOIPG communicated its interest in deploying TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd.’s latest solution on residential and visitor management system, i-Neighbour, into their latest housing projects. Specifically, they will be using i-Neighbour to manage invitations, visitations, facilities booking, security, payment and etc to uplift the status and image of these residentials.

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i-Neighbour is a cloud solution that is designed to ease the visitor management system and the management of the residential buildings and gated guarded communities. It is a Smart Community System that integrates Visitor Management System, Residential Management System as well as an array of options for IoT Smart Security Series implementation all in one platform. What's more, i-Neighbour is a product that is entirely made in Malaysia. Therefore, it’s amazing to see that our product is being supported by one of Malaysia’s leading public-listed property developers.
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