Collect Your New Property Keys Via i-Neighbour
FingerTec News | 05/11/2018
i-Neighbour is a Smart Community Solution that aims to bring conveniences for the Management and Residents within the neighbourhood. One of the major features recently added is the Key Collection Module, whereby Residents can conveniently schedule an appointment with the Management to retrieve their keys for the unit purchased.

Here is how you can collect your keys using i-Neighbour: Users will first need tap on More within the i-Neighbour App homepage and select Key Collection. Once done, users will be presented with a simple action interface requesting to “Book Now”. After confirming the action, residents will be required to select the available date a time slot in order to complete the booking process.

From here onwards, all residents need to do is to obtain the approval from the Management of the neighbourhood. Yes, it is just that simple with our Smart Community System. Additionally, if things didn’t go as planned, residents can in turn cancel the booking and proceed to reschedule the appointment as illustrated in the screenshots below.
With i-Neighbour deployed within the neighbourhood, the benefits received are most certainly guaranteed for the residents and to top it off, the management/developers will likewise be able to promote a Smart Lifestyle in their residences as well as raise the value of the properties. For a more in-depth guide on our handy Key Collection feature, click on the link below.